Twilight Time Limited Edition Blu-ray: May 2017 - The Man in the Moon and More

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In addition to the cult fave Inferno (1953)—presented in both 3D and 2D—boutique label Twilight Time has plenty to offer in May—each title limited to a 3,000-unit production run. rsz_themaninthemoon_bdbookletcover.pngSee our full review of Inferno for more information on that particular minor classic starring Robert Ryan. Perhaps leading the pack in terms of marquee recognition is the most-recent of TT's new batch, 1991's The Man in the Moon co-stars Reese Witherspoon (her film debut, she was all of 15 when Moon hit theaters).

To Kill a Mockingbird director Robert Mulligan helmed The Man in the Moon, which also stars Sam Waterston, Tess Harper, and Emily Warfield. It's a sweetly nostalgic coming-of-age tale, featuring Jason London as Court Foster, the object of Dani's (Witherspoon) affection. It's a beautifully shot (by the late double-Oscar-winning cinematographer Freddie Francis) film that's extremely well represented on TT's Blu-ray. Audio is offered in lossless DTS-HD MA 2.0. James Newton Howard's score is available here as an isolated track.

rsz_thestonekiller_bdbooklet.pngThe Stone Killer comes to Blu-ray, a 1973 thriller directed by Michael Winner and starring Charles Bronson. This isn't the first Winner/Bronson collaboration to arrive on BD courtesy of Twilight Time (see Chato's Land). Better known than either of these films is the duo's 1974 classic Death Wish, and this simply isn't that film in terms of iconic memorability. The tagline for The Stone Killer, "This cop plays dirty!," clearly evokes then-recent smash Dirty Harry. Bronson is disgraced cop-turned-detective Torrey, hot on the trail of Mafia boss Al Vescari (Martin Balsam) who's plotting revenge for a decades-old slaughter of capos.

Bronson buffs should like this solid 1080p transfer of late cinematographer Richard Moore's gritty work (Moore received a Scientific and Engineering Oscar for co-developing the cinematic exhibition system Camera 65). The audio is clean DTS-HD MA mono. There are two alternate tracks included as bonuses: Roy Budd's isolated score and a commentary by Bronson biographer Paul Talbot.

rsz_whollstoptherain_bdbookletcover.pngWho'll Stop the Rain is one of those forgotten gems that Twilight Time has a knack for unearthing. Starring Nick Nolte as merchant marine Ray Hicks, the Vietnam War-set Rain charts efforts by war correspondent John Converse (Michael Moriarty) to have heroin smuggled out of Saigon and into the U.S. It's a exceedingly seedy road flick as Hicks rides with Converse's addict wife Marge (Tuesday Weld) as they try to move the smack, on the run from DEA agents. Directed by the late Karel Reisz (best known for The French Lieutenant's Woman, nominated here for the Palme d'Or at Cannes).

Obviously not a lot of restoration work went into the transfer provided to Twilight Time, with print damage and debris being a minor but somewhat consistent annoyance. It's watchable but not the strongest presentation. No problems with the DTS-HD MA mono soundtrack, with Laurence Rosenthal's score available as an alternate isolated track. Additional bonus feature: "Supervising Editor John Bloom Talks About Who’ll Stop the Rain" (15 minutes).

rsz_brutaltalesofchivalry_bd.pngBrutal Tales of Chivalry (aka Shôwa zankyô-den is TT's most obscure May offering, a 1965 Japanese production taking place in post-World War II Japan. It's an interesting piece that benefits from a tightly-paced 90-minute running time. Seiji Terajima (Ken Takakura) returns to find his neighborhood destroyed after the war. As a yakuza, Seiji works within a code of honor to ward off the advancing gang led by Iwasa (Michitarô Mizushima).

No isolated score track here (a true rarity on a TT title), but there is a bonus featurette, "Brutal Tales of Filmmaking: Toei Producer Toru Yoshida." The high def visual presentation, framed at 2.35:1, is acceptable and audio is DTS-HD MA mono.

Again, as is standard with Twilight Time Blu-ray releases, these are limited editions of 3,000. Visit Screen Archives or the official Twilight Time site for ordering details.

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