Woman Gets Tattoos of 152 Facebook Friends

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In a strange homage to social media, a Netherlands woman had a sleeve tattoo completed and now has all 152 of her closest Facebook friends forever inked on her right arm. Or at least until number 64 gets a jealous girlfriend and has to ditch all of his female friends. Then she will have a tattoo of 151 friends and one of a guy named Steve.

The initial question is why would someone get this kind of tattoo? No one actually knows as the painted lady is remaining anonymous behind her YouTube handle, "susyj87."


Perhaps Susy is the kind of social butterfly to have a personal connection to this many people and wants to keep a close handle on her Dunbar number. Unless she is an alcoholic with vengeful friends, we can probably rule out a drunken bet, as she would have returned for several visits to complete the sleeve. Maybe it is just art for art's sake, or whatever it is that people who can't draw portraits say. Regardless of the reason, I find the idea and design quite beautiful, yet probably a bit hasty due to the fleeting nature of online relationships and online enterprises. Remember MySpace? No. Neither do I.

My husband has the word "sheep™" in Helvetica bold tattooed on his right bicep because he thought it was funny and that anyone who gets a tattoo is a sheep, so why not be branded as one? An acquaintance had his name tattooed in Japanese and was later told by a Japanese coworker that it meant, "Can be heated in oven or microwave." I have always wanted a tattoo but have held out thus far due to an involuntary reflex that makes me punch people in the face when stuck with a needle.

Like every concept I see for a tattoo, I considered the merits of getting inked with my Facebook friends' faces until realizing this wouldn't work for me, as ten of my 22 friends are fake accounts created with random Google images in order to have the biggest Farmville farm. This started as a friendly competition against my mother, who is also my friend. Her picture is a 30-year-old faded and ineptly scanned shot of my dad and her posing uncomfortably. One is my dog's account. Of the remaining ten, five are people I have never met and don't recall adding, and the remaining five have the default blue profile image.

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