Bentley's Bandstand: Haiku Reviews 2017

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The end of the year seems like a good time to collect some of the righteous reissues that have come out in the past 12 months and help spread the word on their worthiness. Just for fun here's a gathering of this year's riches, reviewed with haiku. Why not? 

Bash & Pop, Friday Night Is Killing Me. 

Replacements are gone 
While Tommy Stinson swings high 
Rock & roll won't die. 

William C. Beeley, Gallivantin'. 

Not Townes and not Blaze 
His own red heart Beeley gave 
Ours to hear and save. 

Chris Bell, The Complete Chris Bell. 

Big Star burned so bright 
But this Bell tried to ring on 
With all cosmic songs. 

Bobby Bland, Here's the Man

The deep soul of man 
Stands on this earth and sings strong 
Making love go on. 

Tim Buckley, Venice Mating Call. 

A visionary 
Rambling near the Pacific 
Trembling specifics. 

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Born in Chicago. 

From the windy streets 
To the dark end of the world 
A harp and voice swirls. 

Rockie Charles, Born For You. 

Down low Canal Street 
Popeye's chicken red beans too 
Go-cup blues for you. 

Alex Chilton, A Man Called Destruction. 

Some say always doomed 
A Memphis wizard running 
Brilliant and stunning. 

Roky Erickson, All That May Do My Rhyme. 

From Texas came life 
Treasure of the angels' mine 
And then so sublime. 

Blaze Foley, The Lost Muscle Shoals Recordings.
The Shrimp Cowboy came 
Spilling songdust all around 
'Til Drag took him down. 

Grateful Dead, Dave's Picks Volume 24. 

When dark star crashes 
Universe lights up so bright 
Grateful Dead's lovelight. 

John Lee Hooker's Finest: Whiskey & Wimmen. 

Schezwan and limbos 
Puts the boogie in his talk 
Boogie in his walk. 

LeRoi Brothers, Check This Action. 

Revved rockabilly 
Jailbird rhythm & blues too 
Smirnoff and Squirt grooves. 

Little Richard, Here's Little Richard. 

Magic pompadour 
Screaming in the wild night air 
Club Tijuana stares. 

Johnny Nicholas & Friends, Too Many Bad Habits. 

Roadhouse rough and tough 
Forty years old but brand new 
Timeless today blues. 

The Searchers, Another Night: The Sire Recordings 1979-1981. 

British invasion 
Comes back with a sharper side 
And they let it ride. 

James Talley, Tryin' Like the Devil. 

A quiet true hero 
Walking Music City streets 
No breaks but not beat. 

Various Artists, All Day Thumb Sucker Revisited: The History of Blue Thumb Records.

Captain Beefheart Band 
T. Rex and Dan Hicks go pow 
LiPuma Krasnow. 

Various Artists, Jesus Rocked the Jukebox: Small Groups Black Gospel (1951-1965). 

God comes a calling 
Opens up the door for good 
Shows us all our shoulds. 

Various Artists, Woody Guthrie: The Tribute Concerts. 

This land is our land 
We're ready to walk for miles 
So Woody can smile. 

Muddy Waters, The Best of Muddy Waters. 

He brought blues to all 
A hoochie coochie moonbeam 
American dream. 

Bentley Haiku Reviews Dec 17 susan whitall.jpg
Susan Whitall, Women of Motown: An Oral History (2nd Edition). 

Photos and fine words 
Detroit bliss sings out like birds 
Around Earth they're heard.

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