Tuscany, Chianti, and Carpaccio

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It is no wonder that the beautiful scenery of Tuscany’s lush greenery and regal mountains inspired Italy’s rebirth. From the Renaissance birthplace of Florence, to the rolling meadows of Siena, the region of Tuscany is a bustling center of architecture, arts, and cuisine.

Producing some of the finest foods and wines of Italy, while housing some of the world’s most incredible artists and sculptures like Michelangelo’s David, Tuscany is arguably one of Europe’s most thriving regions.

Art tours, cooking classes, and wine tours are only a few of the incredible experiences offered in Tuscany, allowing you to get a feel for the flourishing region. Wine tours in Tuscany provide a magical setting among grandiose medieval castles and aromatic vineyards. Tuscany offers exciting tours, including an opportunity to see where and how their famous red wine Chianti is produced.

Between Florence and Siena the picturesque vineyards, wine cellars, and ancient castles weave fascinating history with delicious wine, unique to the region, ranging from lunch wine tasting tours with an opportunity to go horseback riding, to romantic evening wine dinners with savory antipasti like regional cheeses and prosciutto.

For a Tuscany inspired antipasto, pair Tuscany’s rich Chianti with carpaccio, an elegant dish of thinly sliced meats. Chianti and carpaccio combine to make a wonderfully flavorful appetizer that romances the palate.

Chianti is a fuller bodied red wine characterized by a velvety burgundy color. The skins of the grapes remain when undergoing fermentation, producing a bitter, strong taste with cherry and floral notes. Chianti red wine pairs well with a red meat antipasto.

Essentially a meat and cheese platter, carpaccio has countless variations. Named after Renaissance painter, Vittore Carpaccio, the antipasto is reminiscent of his red-hued paintings. Enhanced by a rich Chianti, the meat platter is made with paper thin slices of meat, like beef tenderloin or prosciutto, drizzled with olive oil, lemon juice, and garnished with parmigiano reggiano shavings and capers.

Experience the delight of a Tuscany wine tasting in your own home with Chianti and carpaccio, perfect for an outdoor meal with a dreamy, warm summer breeze.


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