Lazy Technology: ClamCase is Pearl in the Sea of iPad Cases

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In this case, the clam bestows the gift of a pearl. I am a Lazy Woman and I love lazy technology solutions. I also happen to be clumsy, and I travel a lot. That means I was looking for an iPad 2 case that I could drop, that would offer a keyboard for writing on airplanes. No matter how long I have used my iPhone nor how big the virtual keys are on my iPad 2, I just can’t type with the same velocity that I can with a normal keyboard.

So, I perused all the geekiest of technology blogs and found the best iPad case solution for me was the ClamCase. Unfortunately it wasn’t out when I got my iPad 2. Those who bought the iPad 2 immediately when it hit the market had to wait eons. I only had to wait seven weeks. When the anticipation got to me, I’d watch the super cool video reminding me that I would soon be able to take my iPad on the road, not feeling overprotective, and definitely able to type on a keyboard even in the most cramped of economy seats.

It arrived the day I moved. It was like a prize at the end of a hard day’s work. I was having a celebratory toast to the new house with friends when I remembered that the new “baby” had arrived in the flurry of movers. I ran to retrieve it, and we all sat around it with anticipation, all of us iPad owners. I swear when I opened the box white light emanated and angels sang, because everything about this damn thing is holier than me.

The ClamCase is profoundly durable while remaining light. And when you open it up and see that sleek Bluetooth keyboard, well, let’s just say the angels sang again. The only issue I have is an apparently lazier than normal thumb. I’m still getting the hang of hitting the space key. Sometimes it requires more thumb force than I’m used to on my laptop. Other than that, I adore the keyboard. I don’t always use it. In some applications it’s just not necessary because you are largely doing touch screen operations, but I do a lot of writing on airplanes, and there simply isn’t enough space to type on a laptop all folded into yourself. So, it has become my savior.

Mostly, though, I have a sense of peace. I didn’t want to have to forfeit protection for keyboard convenience, and I wanted everything in one piece. Also, many competitors have more rubbery keys. These keys are substantial, laptop quality keys.

The standing capability is far superior to all the cases I tried, owned, or perused online. This is sturdy and stable. The ClamCase just breeds confidence with every action. You can also still have fun, taking pictures while it’s on, or you can easily pop the iPad out.

It’s also really easy on the eyes, beyond sleek. I got a black one. The white version is on its way apparently. I also chose the black border on my iPad 2, so white border owners will probably be delighted by the new option. There is also a limited edition Trooper version on its way for intergalactic iPad owners. To each his own technology; for me, the lazier the better. This is one Lazy Woman technology tool that makes my life less stressful and more happy.

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