Helen Mirren In the Sustainable Garden of Life

British national treasure Dame Helen Mirren promotes the importance of sustainable gardening.

Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images Europe

Dame Helen Mirren, who has just finished filming a Hungarian movie, The Door, the story of a special relationship a writer and her maid, drew crowds at London's most famous event of the year, the Chelsea Flower Show.

IMG_0050.jpgMirren, a keen gardener who admits she has a shared garden in London's Wapping, was struck by one garden at the flower show more than other, the B and Q, which is a totally sustainable, ecologically sound garden.

Dame Helen said admiringly, "This is the future of gardening. I have a lot of space and am now starting to grow my own food, because we need to become sustainable and think about deprivation in the future. It's sad to see abandoned gardens, but British people have never lost touch with gardening. We should all be growing our own food even if it's potatoes. You never know what the future brings."

helen-mirren.jpgThe hugely successful actress, who looks amazingly youthful in a bikini at age 60, is married to film director Taylor Hackford.

Helen added, "As with everything good in my life, my passion for gardening came to me through a boyfriend. My boyfriend had a garden in the Forest of IMG_0052.jpgDean and introduced me to the joys of vegetable gardening. I'm now in the privileged position of having a shared garden in Wapping. I absolutely love communal gardening. I'm lucky that my fellow gardeners are very dedicated and creative."

Perhaps with Dame Mirren leading the charge, more folks will get behind the sustainable gardening movement, which can only be seen as improvement to today's overly-modernized food production problems.

Additional photo credit: Sharon Feinstein

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