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I moved about a month ago and my dogs are not quite perfectly settled. I can tell because they are back in the old habit of following me literally every where I go - including the bathroom. I am hoping they will start trusting me to not abandon them after not too long. But, no matter where I live or how old they get (four and seven years), they will always be wildly attached to me. And, frankly, I like it. In a man, it’s crazy co-dependent, but in a dog it’s comforting.

The only time I get concerned is when they are in the middle of what looks like a pretty tasty nap and I get up and they feel the need to wake up and follow me into another room. It’s like it’s their job, my loyal, highly trained secret agent dogs. They follow me, not even reluctantly, to make sure I'm okay every step of the way. I reach my destination. They yawn, stretch, yawn again, and sit dutifully, or lay down if it feels like it’s going to be a long stay. Then they shoot me the look that says, “Almost done here? No pressure, cause, you know I go where you go…but I’m ready when you are.”

The heartbreaking story posted all over the 'net about the Navy SEAL’s dog, Hawkeye, who wouldn’t leave his fallen father’s casket is just too much for a girl to bear. These creatures love us so unequivocally, and on a whole other level than we will ever know as humans.

Hawkeye looks relaxed and comforted by being near Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson’s casket. I imagine the spirit of this hero sitting next to his buddy, petting him, telling him it’s all going to be okay.

I don’t understand people who don’t understand the wisdom and depth of dogs’ love. I don’t want to understand those people, but I am guessing that in most cases, they simply haven’t had the love of a dog to open their heart. The people who have had that love and have rejected it, or abused it, well, that is an unforgivable sin. Yet even the dogs don’t find it unforgivable. I don’t understand humans, and I wish I was as good a “person” as my dogs are.

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