Not-So-Gleeful News: How Chord Overstreet is Handling the Cut from Glee

Yep, even stars get laid off. Sucks, doesn't it?

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Well, Trouty-Mouth, the lip-licious blond transfer to McKinley High (also known as Sam), won’t be returning to Glee this coming season as a regular. Show creator Ryan Murphy is looking to focus more on the core characters before many of them go their separate ways at the Glee graduation scheduled for the end of this season.

While I’m bummed that some nice eye and ear candy has been cut from the show, what I’m happy to see is the aplomb with which he’s handling the news. His tweet about the situation? “well its been a good yr too bad its over, time for summer and starting fresh.”

If you get laid off from your job - and statistics say you almost definitely will at some point - here are three ways to handle the cut with as much grace and positivity as Chord:

Have other endeavors lined up.

Chord’s been in the studio working on an album, so he’s definitely got a plan B; after all, Glee showcased his lovely vocals and gave him the spotlight he needed to get a real start in the industry. His situation is a perfect example of why it’s important to always be thinking ahead and looking for ways to grow and expand, especially when you’re young, instead of getting too settled and letting your dreams and your foresight get lazy.

Even if you were happy in your previous work, know that this is the time to try new things (within limits), take chances (somewhat within reason), and figure out what you actually want to do.

Unless you’re told otherwise, don’t take it personally.

Often, especially in a wavering economy, budget cuts and unstable profit margins will make it tough for employers to retain all their employees, no matter how dedicated they are. We all know this; we’ve certainly heard it enough over the last few years. But it can feel really personal when people you’ve worked with for months or years, people you’ve probably trusted, sit you down and tell you that your hard work is no longer required, so enjoy your crappy severance package.

Try to remember that unless you did something to legitimately warrant termination (and companies are required to tell you if this is the case), it really isn’t about you as a person, just the space you’re occupying. Keeping this in mind will make it easier to get your brain around the next point…

Don’t burn bridges.

Hollywood is a notoriously small town when it comes to showbiz, and most other industries share that characteristic. In the two-ish weeks since I lost my job, I’ve already talked to several other people who used to work for my ex-employer and who a) still have friends there, and b) have far more connections in this city than I do. Flipping out on someone at the moment you’re cut may be cathartic, but in the long run you’re shooting yourself in the foot because that undesirable reaction will become a black mark on your reputation’s permanent record.

Basically, even though it blows, if you can’t say anything civil, don’t say anything at all. Thank the people that helped you, mentally flip off the people that hurt you, and start designing your new future.

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