The Only Reason to Go to Walmart

Setting my "post-Walmart trauma disorder" aside for the sake of the planet.

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My favorite thing to do is accidentally save the planet. It turns out I've been accidentally conserving dishwashing soap by using my very favorite Dawn Direct Foam Dishwashing Liquid. It turns out you end up using far less soap when you use this stuff. I was always scared that I was using more soap than necessary. When it comes to cleaning things, I sometimes err on the side of more is better.Because I am LAZY, I would rather use a bunch more soap to quickly get something done quickly and easily.

dawn_05202010002620.jpgSince using Direct Foam is actually conserving soap, I'm thinking of having a Dawn dinner party to celebrate. Before I get started on my menu, I wanted to share with everyone the one caveat to using this conservation-friendly product.

Where do you get the refills? Target, grocery stores, and all my normal haunts do NOT carry the refill liquid. I searched online and found that not only does Walmart have it, but they have the absolutely cheapest price. One bottle of this refill liquid seems to last forever, and it's only $5.64!

I avoid Walmart like the plague.Never mind their politics or how they treat their employees, which is reason enough, but years ago I was traumatized by my first Walmart experience. I had ventured into one for the first time because of their commercials. Everyone looks so friendly! I entered the store to quickly buy a phone — a land line house phone — because my phone had just died and I was on my way to an appointment, and I needed to buy a phone that day.

I went into the store and asked the woman at the front desk — who was not nearly as friendly as the commercials promised — where the phones were. I had clearly just walked in the door. I was directed to the pay phones, which I had just passed. I followed her direction because I assumed they were around a corner I couldn't see. I came back to the desk and said, "No, I want to BUY a telephone." I was directed to the far side of the store, to the toy department. I looked for a sales person, told her I didn't want a "toy phone" but a real land line phone. She directed me to the cell phones.

Finally, after what now seemed like several hours of trekking through a land of plastic (even the food looked plastic), I went back to the front desk and said, "I need to buy a telephone that will plug into a wall in my home, that is not a toy, that will make real, honest to God phone calls." I explained the wild goose chase I had been on. They did not apologize, but sent me to the right aisle. Of course, there were no great phones there. All that time invested in Walmart hell, I wanted to make something work, but I couldn't. So, I left, promising to never return.

Until now... this is the only reason I would ever need to go to a Walmart. But, it's a really good reason now that I know I'm also conserving while I clean.

The really groovy thing is you can have it shipped to you if you order a big load of it that will last an eternity and the shipping is free. So, if you have "post-Walmart trauma disorder" like I do, you can order it from the comfort of your cozy home.

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