What's Up With Cats and Why Do We Love Them?

I lurve da cats.

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At the risk of muscle-straining eyerolls from my husband, collective groans from the Internet and a general sense of embarrassment all around, I am going to proudly pontificate on the importance of cats. 

I have had a cat as a pet my entire life. As a young girl, my earliest memories of joy and happiness centered around my various cat friends (right now my husband just barfed in his mouth) and how in the absence of playmates, my kitty friends would take their place. 

One such fond memory was centered on stuffing our good-natured calico kitty, Cosy, into my plastic Playskool farmhouse set. Never mind that she was two-sizes too big to fit, but somehow, with a shoehorn and blinding determination, she squeezed in there. Then, with childlike bliss, I would happily wave at her through various windows and doors as her bulk spilled out with fur, eyes, nose and whiskers, in a perverse version of peek-a-boo.  Upon escape, like clockwork, Cosy would then disappear for a good 48 hours.  Even opening a can and shaking the food bag were useless ploys to lure her return.  Good times.


There were the various afternoons spent wiling away the hours carrying poor Cosy in a pillowcase around our 40-acre farm, picnics under trees with Barbies, me and Cosy - we were real pals. Well, at least for my part. Truth is, she was a cat, an incredibly tolerant cat, but a cat nonetheless. Living in the rural country with neighbors spread far and wide, that cat was my best friend. I get a little teary-eyed thinking about it even now.

Since that time, oh some 35 years ago, I have had a long succession of cats, all with distinct and unique personalities. Some were sweet, some were psycho - a black and white cat named Margaret Scratcher comes to mind. She earned her name with honors. There was the smelly and permanently confused furball Fizban, named after an equally confused wizard. I can't even recall a time when I wasn't attached to some feline or another. 

weenus.pngThat brings us to our current herd of furries. Our older son had a scrawny, whimpering little kitten follow him from the bus stop one cold January day. An orange tabby male with almost no fur on a malnourished face, which blended perfectly with his pink nose.  It gave him an odd appearance and he was aptly named Weenus.Smart, loyal, a great mouser and on the obese side, he's our alpha kitty.

marley.jpgThen came our orange and white kitty named Marley, who we picked up from a shelter the day Obama was elected president. Her nickname is "Special Kitty," because, well, she's "special" and not necessarily in a good way.  She keeps missing the short bus, but we haven't given up on her yet. 

socks1.jpgnormal.jpgThen came Socks, the knocked up stray who looks remarkably like Missing Missy, (who ironically also went missing but has since turned up). She gave birth to five kittens, which was an interesting way to teach the kids about the reproductive process. We kept her and her son Normal (right), or Normie No Nards as we like to call him. The other four were adopted by the vet techs at our local animal clinic because they were polydactylys, the circus freaks of cats, for their extra toes. Normal missed the freak gene, hence his name.
Despite daily protests, that left us with four cats, and one fed up husband. Fortunately, our two children are also cat lovers, leaving us with the majority say. Sadly, our beloved Socks mysteriously disappeared a little over a week ago, and despite our valiant efforts, hasn't returned, leaving us with just three. I am a little heartsick over it and that got me thinking, what's up with the cat fascination?

The Internet is filled with cat-related memes, cat videos, hell there are whole sites devoted to the folly of cats. Why the interest? Do women really like cats more than men?  The answer is a universal YES.  Unless you are a gay man, and we know they typically have fabulous taste! 

Cats are certainly mysterious, strange, unexplainable creatures. And unlike dogs, whose sole purpose in life is to serve their masters, cats have an awkward relationship with their human counterparts. They are often aloof and indifferent, unless of course you open a can of cat food. They are lazy, and I mean L.A.Z.Y., spending at least 16 hours a day sleeping. If I were to be reincarnated, I pray I come back as a cat, living in my house, where laziness and cuteness are rewarded tenfold if you have fur.

In honor of Socks, my beloved tuxedo kitty, I have compiled a list of the best cat/animal humor sites on the web and a few classic videos.  Go ahead and enjoy, even though you will feel disgusted with yourself afterward.

ICANHAZCHEEZBURGER -- Taking the whole cat meme thing to a new level, Icanhazcheezburger is devoted to bringing you the best in cat-related humor and images, including caption your own kitty images.  Like cheeseburgers and cats, it's addictive.

CUTEOVERLOAD - Just like it says, it's cuteness, in overload form with tons of pics and videos of kittens, puppies, bunnies, chickies... baby animals of every kind. This is the stuff of my husband's nightmares and my version of heaven.

ROFLCAT - Rolling on the floor laughing at cats seems pointless, but what the hell else do we have to live for? 

FUNNYCATSITE - Simple and to the point.  Daily postings of humorous cat pics, because cats are funny, or at least fun to make fun of.


With over 20M views, it must be good.

This is one pissed off pussy.

My cats vote "DISLIKE" on this kind of catfoolery!


This post is dedicated to our beloved Socks. Please come home, I promise to clean the box out every day from now on!

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