From House Dating to House Slut to Happy Home

A Trick to Manifest Your Heart’s Desire

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I’ve been dating houses, hoping to get "married," aka “buy” but willing to just move in together, aka “lease.”  But, when I found out recently that I have to go to London and Paris for business in September, I felt an urge to get settled immediately, and started dating houses I wouldn’t normally have even considered.  I became a house buying slut.    

One day I looked at myself in the mirror and the reflection I saw behind my fairly normal looking exterior was the soul of a coked-out, underdressed, make-up smeared chick with heels that are way too high to be walking in after a night of no sleep.  Trying to find a house to buy in a time crunch made me frantic, ungrounded and desperate. 

One must never assume such a wretched posture when dating either human or house. I re-centered myself, and came back to the place of trusting that the right house would come to me.

When I had first found out I needed to move, I immediately used one of the tools that has never let me down.  I wrote a list of all the things I wanted in a house.  Then I made a big collage.  It was stunning - a mid-century modern with lots of light, endless windows looking out onto never-ending evergreens, and more.

I put the beautifully printed wish list in a place I would see it several times a day, and the collage in an equally visible spot.  One day when I was feeling powerful and certain that anything was possible, I thought “Hey if I get to create anything I want, I am going to add a guest house!”   So, I wrote “guest house” on the list and circled it.  It nearly overpowered the lovely printed sheet, but I loved the evidence of a last-minute powerful inspiration.

I just caught a glimpse of my list tonight, only hours after signing the lease for a mid-century modern full of glass, light, high ceilings, a huge gorgeous garden, fire pit outside, fire place inside, pool, and just about everything on my list.  And, what is it, albeit completely private and secluded surrounded by trees, plants and flowers?  It is a guest house!  

This is a house I should not have.  It was listed clearly as a “no pets” lease. But, in my re-centered state, I wrote a letter to the owner, assuming I would never hear a response.  I explained that my dogs are angels, and offered up some of my own more saintly qualities just for the heck of it.  I received a phone call within hours, and the rest is history.  It is literally the perfect match for me and my life in this moment.  It is an oasis.  We were meant to be.  

Wish it, dream it, write it up, and take whatever actions present themselves.  You don’t have to be careful what you wish for, because your wish is your very own command!

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