Kate Middleton: Her Royal Highstreet Highness

HRH Catherine Middleton -- princess of affordable fashion.

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Supermodel and all round stunner Linda Evangelista was once famously quoted as saying 'I won't get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day' - well you can stay under your duvet honey because there's a new girl in town! 

katemiddletonfascinator.jpgBritain's future Queen, Catherine Middleton, manages to get out of bed and dress herself for a fraction of that, yet she still manages to look like a supermodel...perhaps Miss. Linda should consider eating her words.

Back in the 80s and 90s when Evangelista was in her heyday, these types of ostentatious declarations and displays of wealth were commonplace, but not so much today. Given the fragile state of the world's economy and the recent recession that has had a global bite, consumers have kept their hands in their pockets and, in the name of promoting a positive image, even celebrities have followed suit.  After all, when people around the world are struggling to put food on the table, is that new yacht really necessary?

This is where, to give them their dues, the Royal Family have tried to sympathize with 'the common man' - cutting down on unnecessary travel, only holidaying in the UK and, shock horror, even reducing their wardrobe allowances!  And no member of the Royal Family's wardrobe has been more closely examined than that of Catherine Middleton - and she is not even a fully-fledged member of the pack...yet. 

The world's press have been fascinated by the fairytale of the normal girl who went and bagged herself a prince, your not-so-typical 'rags to riches' story but boy, what rags! Catherine's promotion of her classic, yet accessible style has garnered her thousands of fans. Her ability to mix high street with designer garb has earned her her stripes with both the fashion and the cost conscious. 

KateMiddletonBurberry Trench.jpgThe £650 cream Burberry trench coat that she wore on an official engagement last year sold out in the UK in a few hours. Purchased, no doubt, by women who wanted a piece of the princess pie. Spotted out shopping recently on The King's Road, an up-market shopping area of London, she was wearing a £480 Issa dress, and whilst this may be a lot of money to some, it is by no means outrageous.

Catherine popped into high street store Warehouse where she reportedly spent £225 on four dresses, then over to Whistles, a high-end high street chain, where she spent £345 on another outfit. Stocking up for their honeymoon with an entire new wardrobe would be any new bride's prerogative, but it's nice to see that Catherine doesn't see the high street as 'beneath' her.

Her choice of labels, or indeed lack of them, has allowed for a greater sense of inclusion of the public into her life, further adding to Catherine's Cinderella status - all hail Her Royal Highstreet.

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