Kate's Style - The Dress That Launched A Thousand Fans

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Catherine Middleton's style has remained steadfastedly demure and sensible throughout her long courtship and subsequent engagement to England's future king, but her love of classic tailoring and support of British brands such as Burberry and Katherine Hooker has caused her to be hailed as a fashion icon. 

Her style, dominated by beautifully cut pieces and block colours, is hardly groundbreaking: possibly why she has become a standard sight on some of the world's best dressed lists. She has eschewed the obvious, loud style statements bandied about by many of her contemporaries and chosen to promote her own, more classic look, preferring to channel the style of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly to David Bowie and Blondie.

Most young female celebrities at the moment appear to be pushing the boundaries of fashion, treading a fine line between good and bad taste but this could also offer an explanation as to why Catherine's style has been so avidly copied; she is a breath of fresh air in a fashion polluted world. Perhaps this is why the Issa dress that she wore for her engagement announcement sold out within a few hours, prompting many of the high street labels to create their own version.

Catherine's style is more accessible to all the young women in the world who consider her an inspiration, she is not parading around in dresses carved from animal flesh, but comporting herself with a grace and elegance that many wish to emulate. Indeed, the only time that her style erred on the less than practical side was during the couple's brief split in 2007 when Catherine could be seen wearing some rather more revealing outfits, evidently to show the young Prince what he was missing.

This age old trick obviously worked like a charm as they were reunited a few brief months after the initial break up. Catherine's classic, versatile style has aided her portrayal as an approachable, more human member of the royal family ensuring her popularity amongst the people of Britain and the fashionistas of the world. Well done Kate!

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