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September 2011

Articles From Alice Jester in September
Thursday Sep 22, 2011 40:00 PM ET
Meet Luke Schroder.  Sure, he’s not a complete stranger to the Hollywood scene, having been spotted a few times at movie premieres and other events throughout the years alongside his famous acting dad, Rick(y) Schroder. Now Luke is 18 and...
Monday Sep 19, 2011 05:00 PM ET
Aside from being the only current show to star a female minority lead, the show's wild pace and complex story lines have both thrilled and exhausted audiences that tuned in every week
Wednesday Sep 7, 2011 55:00 AM ET
Who do you think of when you hear witches? Elizabeth Montgomery, Alyssa Milano or Melissa Joan Hart? Or are you like me and don’t take much to the pop culture versions, thinking more about old hags with crooked noses and...

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