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August 2011

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Wednesday Aug 31, 2011 20:00 AM ET
Steven and Kathryn Miner, now in their 20's, have lost a $500,000 lawsuit against their mother, Kimberly Garrity, after trying to sue her for what they describe as "bad mothering."
Wednesday Aug 31, 2011 15:33 AM ET
Yes, who better to bring ass-licking to high art than Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, with assistance from Jack White (also a native of SW Detroit)? I guess Kid Rock and Eminem weren't available.
Tuesday Aug 30, 2011 15:00 AM ET
Every mom needs one of these.
Monday Aug 29, 2011 55:00 PM ET
Maybe there's something in the air after Irene failed to wipeout the Eastern Seaboard, but there's a lot of weird shiz going down on the Internet and we here at TMR, we are sharers, so let's get thee to the...
Monday Aug 29, 2011 04:24 PM ET
Monday Aug 29, 2011 35:00 PM ET
Harry is seen in the video dancing poolside with the locals at the city's hot spot, Veneranda, an open-air nightclub, and then jumping in the pool with his clothes on, only to dance some more barefoot and drenched
Monday Aug 29, 2011 20:00 PM ET
Chelsea, you can't have it both ways. Either you are a proud drunken, drugged out slut or you aren't. Time for me to find a new hero to worship, 'cuz this is just a sad day of disappointment.
Saturday Aug 27, 2011 06:35 PM ET
Catherine, the newly ordained Duchess of Cambridge has had a porcelain rose crafted in her honour by Boehm Porcelain to celebrate the royal wedding.
Friday Aug 26, 2011 20:00 PM ET
Casey's callousness in the subsequent days after her daughter's disappearance may not have been enough to convict of her of murder, but it was certainly enough to make the public hate her
Thursday Aug 25, 2011 29:01 PM ET
The public voted these jokes as the top ten funniest. Perhaps it's in the delivery.
Thursday Aug 25, 2011 45:00 PM ET
No decent person wants to see a good marriage dissolve, even a Hollywood one, but what the public hates even more is to be deceived.
Wednesday Aug 24, 2011 13:29 PM ET
Is Casey seeking spiritual counseling at a Buddhist retreat center in Florida?
Tuesday Aug 23, 2011 05:00 AM ET
Kim and Kris get married! Confetti! Rainbows! Unicorns! Woot!
Monday Aug 22, 2011 05:13 AM ET
Friday Aug 19, 2011 34:33 PM ET
On Thursday the 18th, an article concerning a dog named Maggie rescuing a 6-year-old child was posted on The Morton Report under the guise of being a real story. The validity of the article was not initially questioned as it was posted under the name of one our respected columnists. The story, we are sad to state, was fake. David Thorne strikes again.
Friday Aug 19, 2011 51:52 PM ET
Anthony Bourdain lays a heaping helping of hate on his fellow celebrity chefs Paula Deen, Rachael Ray, Guy Fieri, and Sandra Lee. FOOD FIGHT!
Thursday Aug 18, 2011 50:00 PM ET
A federal lawsuit is pending against the Republic School District in Republic, Missouri for failing to provide adequate protection to a female student, who was raped twice, each time finding herself admonished and expelled by the school for lying.
Wednesday Aug 17, 2011 52:37 PM ET
Ms. Paltrow's publicist, Stephen Huvane, was able to track her down during a holiday break and confirmed that she too remembered the encounter between she and Lara the morning of 9/11 and is "deeply moved," by the story.
Friday Aug 12, 2011 00:00 PM ET
Being the mother of a tween/teen girl is probably the emotional equivalent to being thrown on an out-of-control roller coaster, where the rider is forced to hang on in sheer terror.
Thursday Aug 11, 2011 30:00 PM ET
We will continue to pursue this story, and welcome any sightings or tips on Casey's whereabouts. The public has the right to know.
Wednesday Aug 10, 2011 00:00 PM ET
Anonymous, a faceless, nameless, ever-evolving online entity has announced its next target in its war on abusers of free speech and privacy: Facebook.
Wednesday Aug 10, 2011 52:57 AM ET
Want to be "Livin De Life?" Then go grab your grandson's jeans, drop a Viagra and have your AARP card ready.
Tuesday Aug 9, 2011 50:00 PM ET
As the media continues to speculate on where Casey Anthony might be hiding out, we should take a moment to reflect on what's really at the heart of this tragic story: Caylee Anthony.
Tuesday Aug 9, 2011 00:00 AM ET
Country star Taylor Swift wins big at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards. Check out the other winners and our photo gallery from the event!
Monday Aug 8, 2011 03:54 PM ET
On Saturday we published an exclusive article about 'Tot Mom' Casey Anthony and possible sightings in southern California. SoCal local news reporter Dan Weisman of Ah-Ha Rancho Santa Fe News followed up with some additional information, including photos of the...
Monday Aug 8, 2011 05:04 PM ET
Monday Aug 8, 2011 55:00 PM ET
And there's your government dollars hard at work. Who needs a S&P triple rating when we can all dine on the rotting carcass of overpaid, brain-dead, government employees?
Saturday Aug 6, 2011 57:16 AM ET
Sources close to the Morton Report have stated that there have been sightings of Casey Anthony in southern California, near Solana Beach.
Wednesday Aug 3, 2011 35:00 PM ET
Taking an R-rated approach on the ages-old story of switching places, Mitch (Ryan Reynolds) and Dave (Jason Bateman) find themselves in each other's bodies after a drunken night out together. Good times, good times.
Wednesday Aug 3, 2011 25:11 PM ET
When neighbors fight, nobody wins... except the internet.
Tuesday Aug 2, 2011 00:28 PM ET
I hope this display of superior maternal instincts shames Casey Anthony into a cave in Afghanistan.
Tuesday Aug 2, 2011 51:24 PM ET
Dunkin Donuts, is it worth the trip... to jail?
Monday Aug 1, 2011 35:00 PM ET
A recent poll shows adults choose drinking alcohol over spending time with their children or spouse as a stress reducer. Did they really need a poll for that?
Monday Aug 1, 2011 07:28 PM ET
We can all breath a collective sigh of relief that while Amy Winehouse was a tragic and talented junkie, she was smart enough to have not planned to adopt a child.

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