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February 2012

Articles From ddarlingo in February
Monday Feb 27, 2012 00:00 PM ET
The good, the bad, the awkward, and the sublime: A round-up of the 84th Academy Awards.
Monday Feb 13, 2012 15:00 PM ET
One can only imagine the Grammy Awards producers' mad scramble to put together a meaningful tribute to Whitney Houston on short notice without distracting from the overall celebratory feel. From my perspective, they did a great job.
Thursday Feb 9, 2012 15:00 PM ET
I can almost imagine the heart-palpitating excitement and overstimulated joy that must have spread through the Gawker offices when the news hit of Jobs' death. One massive collective orgasm is what I am picturing.
Thursday Feb 2, 2012 55:00 PM ET
Social media sites are buzzing over a recent announcement from the non-profit Susan G. Komen breast cancer research foundation that they wouldn't be renewing their grant to Planned Parenthood. The decision, apparently a political one, has caused a ripple effect...
Wednesday Feb 1, 2012 40:00 PM ET
Sad news: Soul Train creator and music legend Don Cornelius has died. Good news: Snookie is NOT pregnant, however, is still very much alive.

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