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Emma Sayle is one of the UK’s leading ‘sex-entrepreneurs’ and was voted 71 in Time Outs top movers & shakers, topping Madonna’s 74th position! Sayle has made her name launching the elitist high end adult party brand Killing Kittens. Emma has become a tabloid darling for her provocative endeavors and her close ties to the tony and sexy movers and shakers - including royal ties to future Princess Kate Middleton.

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Articles From Emma Sayle
Tuesday Apr 26, 2011 30:00 PM ET
In case William and Kate do what 90% of newlyweds do on their wedding night -- drink themselves out of any first night passion -- there are royal barf bags made by Newcastle-based designer Lydia Leith. They feature a picture...
Monday Apr 25, 2011 14:15 PM ET
With all this royal talk and fairytale weddings, it might leave us commoners feeling a bit left out of the fun. But worry not ladies, I have all the tips you need for keeping your own "prince" happy.  In general,...
Sunday Apr 24, 2011 17:42 PM ET
The media is having a field day with claims that princess-to-be Kate Middleton was bullied while a student at Downe House school. The harshest element of this alleged bullying involves poo being placed in her bed. These claims have come...

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