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May 2011

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Tuesday May 24, 2011 00:00 PM ET
I am all for giving the Bible the kind of kinetic-but-hefty cinematic treatment that has made so much fantasy fare so popular with adults and kids alike over the last decade or so. The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter,...
Thursday May 19, 2011 20:00 AM ET
For some men of power, the plantation mentality hasn't changed much in 200 years. For all his sublime gifts and lofty rhetoric, his vision of America as an "Empire of Liberty," Thomas Jefferson, it would appear, fathered some or all...
Monday May 16, 2011 35:00 PM ET
"Sometimes you're body doesn't even know how to react to coming into contact with an energy that it thinks is dead." - Zak Bagans
Saturday May 14, 2011 20:00 PM ET
Discovery Channel is nothing if not intrepid, forging into the breach with a special called -- bluntly enough -- Killing Bin Laden, a mere two weeks after the deed was done.This Sunday, May 15th, at 10PM ET/PT, Discovery premieres a...
Friday May 13, 2011 25:00 PM ET
Dawdling along almost 12 years after the release of the hilarious, touching, and exciting animated classic Monsters, Inc., Disney/Pixar just announced that a prequel, Monsters University, will hit theaters in June of 2013.As I always say when a favorite film...
Thursday May 5, 2011 15:00 PM ET
"I live, I love, I slay, and I am content." So sayeth suitably mesomorphic Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones, The Game, Stargate: Atlantic) as Conan the Barbarian in the coming 3D film version of the brawny saga, hacking its way...
Thursday May 5, 2011 23:24 PM ET
There are scoops and there are scoops and this one was a whopper. Beating the world by three days, Andrew Morton reported on Monday, May 2, that the royal couple William and Kate were heading to Hollywood at the end...
Wednesday May 4, 2011 30:00 PM ET
Though new details coming out cloudy the picture a bit -- bin Laden was unarmed, his wife was shot (but not killed) in the raid, several children were in the compound -- 86% of Americans strongly support President Obama's decision...
Tuesday May 3, 2011 55:00 PM ET
The Great American Sanitation-vs-Entertainment dichotomy has long concerned me. It has always seemed decadent and debauched that more Americans have a TV set than have a flushable indoor toilet and running water. As of the 2000 census, 98.8 percent of...
Monday May 2, 2011 50:00 PM ET
As the world collectively held its breath and the clock in the eastern U.S. approached midnight on May 1, President Obama announced the looming, vulpine figure that had reached leeringly out of Western, in particular American, nightmares for a decade,...

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