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August 2011

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Wednesday Aug 31, 2011 40:00 PM ET
For its 21st anniversary, Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights appears absolutely determined to irretrievably shock the cotton off your swabs.
Wednesday Aug 31, 2011 00:00 PM ET
It is one of the great paradoxes of recorded music that some of the very best songwriters have given their finest performances on songs not their own. Elvis Costello has never, ever sounded better than on Nick Lowe's "(What's So...
Wednesday Aug 31, 2011 35:00 AM ET
The surfboard shaped devices are ingeniously powered by the motion of waves.
Wednesday Aug 31, 2011 50:00 AM ET
Her wily feminine ways are no match for crack security team. Inner workings of fashion industry - strong thumbs required....
Wednesday Aug 31, 2011 30:00 AM ET
To me this seems a contradiction in terms, a veritable oxymoron, that the trailer for parody porn Spartacus XXX: The Beginning is proudly labeled Safe For Work.As you can see, among the brawn and swordplay, the production values are far...
Monday Aug 29, 2011 45:00 PM ET
Perhaps the near ubiquity of vampires and zombies in popular culture of late has to do with the grim state of the world economy, the seeming overabundance of natural disasters, and our proximity to 2012. EVERYTHING is aligned against us...
Friday Aug 26, 2011 15:00 PM ET
This dude, Christpher Redd of Clifton, Colorado, allegedly rocked some air guitar of highly questionable taste back in July, standing atop a casket in a freshly dug grave and using his shovel to pound out power chords.Now, this might have...
Friday Aug 26, 2011 15:00 PM ET
We can only hope that the storm does not live up to this level of preparation.
Friday Aug 26, 2011 40:00 PM ET
Several sports stars and rappers are already coveting the big-ass gem for possible use in jewelry
Thursday Aug 25, 2011 20:00 PM ET
Having grown up in SoCal in the '60s and early '70s, I am a sucker still for all things Disneyland. I love the other Disney theme parks, but nothing is quite the same as the original.Back in 1977, after I...
Thursday Aug 25, 2011 05:00 PM ET
Is there any point to getting married after a 28-year relationship, complete with two grown children?
Wednesday Aug 24, 2011 05:00 PM ET
Our seven year-old son HATES sharks.
Wednesday Aug 24, 2011 50:00 PM ET
Technically, he only had one face, but it was a big one.
Wednesday Aug 24, 2011 15:00 PM ET
If you don't know who Blowfly is, you've led a pathetically sheltered life. Or you're young, or something.
Tuesday Aug 23, 2011 45:00 PM ET
When Disney bought Jim Henson's Muppets property back in 2004, you knew they weren't going to sit around and let the beloved characters molder forever.After slowly ramping up, The Muppets are about to return with a vengeance with a major...
Tuesday Aug 23, 2011 55:00 PM ET
And they all seem to be, strangely enough, Casio's G-Shock model, in a variety of hues. So, if you ever happen to be strolling down the street and run into the Canadian pop sensation, rest assured, he'll know what time...
Tuesday Aug 23, 2011 35:00 PM ET
As the credits on many contemporary movies drag on to infinity and beyond, it's easy to forget that each of those names up there on the screen is an actual person who has an actual job that is vital, or...
Monday Aug 22, 2011 30:16 PM ET
Among the tiny handful of the greatest songwriting teams of the rock 'n' roll era, Leiber and Stoller will be remembered for centuries for songs infused with riotous humor and explosive energy.The tunes: Elvis Presley's (and Big Mama Thornton's) "Hound...
Friday Aug 19, 2011 30:00 PM ET
After strolling through an engaging and charming Hogsmeade village, visitors to Universal Orlando Resort's Wizarding World of Harry Potter find a breathtaking vision of Hogwarts castle, spires piercing the night sky, which houses the 20-acre theme park's premier attraction, "Harry...
Friday Aug 19, 2011 20:00 AM ET
I vividly recall marveling at the Red Hot Chili Peppers, absolutely unhinged, wearing nothing but their cock socks, in hot, hazy little clubs in L.A. nearly 30 years ago.
Thursday Aug 18, 2011 40:00 PM ET
Brit toy makers Arklu busts out official William and Kate wedding dolls, which appear to be more parody than tribute.
Thursday Aug 18, 2011 45:00 PM ET
Ooh, scary.
Wednesday Aug 17, 2011 20:00 PM ET
truTV presents an apparent perfect storm of tawdry offense in Hulk Hogan's Micro Championship Wrestling: Hulk Hogan (is that the SAME bandana?), freak show exploitation of Little People, and professional wrestling.Hulk provides "little wrestlers with advice, guidance and training... the...
Wednesday Aug 17, 2011 30:00 PM ET
"The Enough Already" decodes the closed captioning track in the video signal of your TV and looks for keywords such as "SHEEN," "KARDASHIAN," or any other offensive, ubiquitous buttmunch name that causes your ears to bleed and your sphincter to...
Wednesday Aug 17, 2011 20:00 PM ET
France's best loved actor Gerard Depardieu -- and by the way, WTF about that -- was taking off from Paris to Dublin on a CityJet plane today when he heard the call of nature. Since the seatbelt light was on,...
Wednesday Aug 17, 2011 50:00 AM ET
How many shows can successfully spoof themselves simultaneously as a video game and parody porn? Syfy's delightful Warehouse 13 pulled it off in this week's episode, "Don't Hate the Player," in which -- in the grand Syfy tradition of liberal...
Sunday Aug 14, 2011 30:00 PM ET
How many careers is the exuberantly talented Tracy Newman going to have? Folk singer, comedian, improv performer/director/teacher, award-winning TV sitcom writer and producer, before banking off of the northeast wind and circling back to singer/songwriter. She has missed astronaut and...
Friday Aug 12, 2011 45:00 PM ET
You hear a voice just out of earshot in a darkened stairway; you see a shadow dart across your bedroom door but no one is there; you feel a chill sieze your body on a hot August night. Is my...
Wednesday Aug 10, 2011 50:00 PM ET
It is bizarre beyond belief to see Sookie Stackhouse's dazed but loyal and studly older brother Jason from True Blood as an Australian milquetoast, but that's the case as Ryan Kwanten stars in Leon Ford's Griff the Invisible, about an...
Wednesday Aug 10, 2011 45:00 PM ET
Without question, the objective and emotional core of the story is the tragic, horrifying death of a two year-old Florida girl under circumstances well beyond suspicious. SOMEONE caused the death of Caylee Anthony, who would have been six yesterday. SOMEONE...
Wednesday Aug 10, 2011 30:00 AM ET
Is the Justin Bieber phenomenon just the latest in a long line of teen pop eruptions stretching back at least to the '50s, or is the social media-fueled rise of the J-Biebs an evolution of a new species of relatively...
Friday Aug 5, 2011 15:00 PM ET
Dave Schrader is a grounded mainstay of the paranormal community. Via his respected paranormal talk show Darkness Radio, lectures and events, his book The Other Side: A Teen's Guide to Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal, and his role as head...
Wednesday Aug 3, 2011 00:00 PM ET
Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, winding up its second season tonight at 10pm on SCIENCE, is the most mind expanding show on TV.Combining Freeman's avuncular narration, interviews with experts and visionaries, amazing graphics, and globetrotting -- er, rather --...
Monday Aug 1, 2011 55:00 PM ET
With all the accolades attendant to Hal, I mean Bryan Cranston, for his uber-serious role as a drug chemist in Breaking Bad, I was just wondering what's up with Lois, I mean Jane Kaczmarek, these days.It turns out she's guest...

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