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October 2011

Articles From Fiona Graham-Mackay in October
Friday Oct 28, 2011 35:00 PM ET
LONDON. Jimmy the Jesuit is swishing in his cassock. Steady, boy. But the excitement is innocent. He says have I been to Bonham’s Sales to see the long lost Velazquez? In between fixing a tap, binning a faux mink thong...
Friday Oct 21, 2011 55:00 PM ET
GATESHEAD. The fat woman in knee socks and wide apart running quarterback legs was stuffing herself with the dirtiest beef burger seen/smelled on a British train. Guillaume (no beauty himself with that mole disappearing into his third chin) did retching...
Friday Oct 14, 2011 15:00 PM ET
London. At one of those smart dinner parties last night. I should have been warned. "We are rather intellectual," said the hostess with a too silly shrill."But I do hope you'll come."  In other words I'm not. They are. So...
Saturday Oct 8, 2011 20:00 PM ET
Margate. Ronnie’s third ex said she could have kissed Michelangelo’s David into life. Given his teeth after the Munich beer fest fracas and his boutique halitosis (her ex, not Michelangelo) I’m surprised he ever got to find out.  Now we’re...

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