Hugh Hart covers movies, television, design, art and miscellaneous slices of pop culture for publications including Wired Magazine, Los Angeles Times and New York Times. When he's not interviewing people like Quentin Tarantino or Lindsay Lohan, Hugh likes to glug black coffee and walk Afghan hound Huck, the Wonder Dog, in his Studio City neighborhood." />
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June 2011

Articles From Hugh Hart in June
Thursday Jun 30, 2011 00:00 AM ET
In Transforrmers: Dark of the Moon, opening Wednesday, LaBeouf's Sam Witwicky gives audiences an accessible, athletic Every Schmuck to root for...
Monday Jun 27, 2011 30:00 PM ET
The Texas artist who created "gig posters" for White Stripe concerts had an idea six years ago: why not make new posters about old movies?  Recruiting creative-minded colleagues, Rob Jones and his team re-imagined Planet of the Apes and Repo...
Saturday Jun 25, 2011 30:00 AM ET
Here are four excerpts from Grant Morrison's Supergods: What Masked Vigilantes, Miraculous Mutants, and a Sun God from Smallville Can Teach Us About Being Human.
Friday Jun 24, 2011 55:00 PM ET
Fifty five years after the publication of Beat Generation bible On The Road,  Jack Kerouac continues to inspire.  This week, Android introduced its On The Road app tracing the cross-country journey described in Kerouac's mid-century ode to wanderlust. On the Hollywood...
Thursday Jun 23, 2011 55:00 PM ET
There's something about a movie scoundrel that demands affection. From George Clooney's witty deceptions in Ocean's 11 to Tatum O'Neal's precocious Paper Moon scams, con artists, like great actors, succeed by pretending to be something they're not. Two quirky new films add fresh spins...
Monday Jun 20, 2011 50:00 PM ET
Retooling Victorian-era decorum and Jules Verne's fantastical sense of adventure for the modern age, Steampunk subculture offers a polite counterpunch to all that's sleek and casual about contemporary life.  As chronicled in Jeff VanderMeer and S.J. Chambers' new book The...
Thursday Jun 16, 2011 55:00 PM ET
Like every supehero movie, Green Lantern gives the best bits to the guys...And The Girl? Let's just say Blake Lively does the best she can with what she's been given.
Tuesday Jun 14, 2011 15:00 AM ET
Defying a half-century of talk show convention, Ferguson opens his nightly broadcast with just two unscripted minutes featuring an alternating cast of foul-mouthed puppets, gobsmacked audience members, and scantily-clad dwarves.
Friday Jun 10, 2011 30:00 AM ET
How about showing some love to the people who could really use a boost?
Thursday Jun 9, 2011 20:00 AM ET
"The weird thing about Super 8 is that it was not intended to be an homage to Steven Spielberg," J.J. Abrams tells The Morton Report.
Monday Jun 6, 2011 25:00 PM ET
When Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon created the sublimely ridiculous Reno 911 TV series in 2003, the show stood out as a masterpiece of raunchy surrealism funnier than nearly anything else on air at the time.
Friday Jun 3, 2011 20:00 PM ET
X-Men: First Class casts British actor James McAvoy as Ian McKellen's excellent successor in the role of suave mind-reader Charles Xavier 20-year old Oscar-nominated phenom Jennifer Lawrence brings genuine pathos to her shape-shifting Mystique character, portraying the blue-skinned mutant who only...
Thursday Jun 2, 2011 05:00 AM ET
Bravo's new Platinum Hit competition celebrates musical idiocy in action while NBC's hit series soars on the strength of its savvy judges.

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