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April 2011

Articles From Lisa McKay in April
Wednesday Apr 27, 2011 41:13 PM ET
There are few confections lovelier than a wedding cake, and few occasions more tender than the moment when your new spouse crams a too-large bite of that cake into your face at the reception, leaving you to wonder what the...
Tuesday Apr 26, 2011 37:43 PM ET
Any wedding requires attention to detail, but perhaps none more so than one that is under intense public scrutiny and subject to standards of history and protocol. The preparations that culminate with Friday's wedding have been intense, undertaken by a...
Tuesday Apr 26, 2011 10:00 PM ET
Going to a wedding can be a lot of fun. What's not to like? You get to wear your best stuff, sit through a ceremony, and then attend a well-thrown (if you're lucky) reception. And the best part of any...
Friday Apr 22, 2011 04:07 PM ET
In spite of (or maybe because of) our revolutionary history, we Americans can't seem to get enough of the British royal family, as we can see by the intense interest in the upcoming marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton....

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