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September 2012

Articles From Matt Rowe in September
Thursday Sep 27, 2012 50:00 PM ET
A thorough evaluation of Eno's contributions to music would have to be exhaustive and would take more pages than you have patience for. Suffice it to say, that Brian Eno is well-traveled musically.
Wednesday Sep 26, 2012 20:00 PM ET
Between the magnificent "What's Going On" and the sizzle of "Let's Get It On," Gaye released a stunning soundtrack to the film "Trouble Man."
Monday Sep 24, 2012 10:00 PM ET
Recently, Reznor announced this new music project with very little news other than to state simply that the collective would release a new six-track EP, which will predate the arrival of the band's full-length album expected some time in the spring of 2013.
Thursday Sep 20, 2012 20:00 PM ET
This generational hybrid of heavy metal rock is good for all who find their joys in the loud guitar attacks, bass-crunching, and heavy drumming that is typical of metal rock and roll.
Tuesday Sep 18, 2012 40:00 PM ET
The Nylon Curtain is considered by many fans to be a masterpiece in Joel's catalog. The album spawned several hits as well as several intense FM staples during its time on the charts.
Friday Sep 14, 2012 50:00 PM ET
October Project is a band that delivers exquisite vocals and beautiful songs, all sparkling in their mystery.
Monday Sep 10, 2012 10:00 PM ET
It used to be, on a large scale, that UK bands commanded an incredible amount of attention in the US. That doesn't really seem much the case anymore, which is surprising considering the amount of interesting rock music that is coming from England.
Thursday Sep 6, 2012 45:00 PM ET
In 2003, John Cale released HoboSapiens, which yielded "Zen," a song that carries itself well with intriguing verses, hypnotic percussion, and challenging music. (You really should check that song out!)
Wednesday Sep 5, 2012 55:00 PM ET
Go ahead and sneer. We have all seen umpteen 'best of' Rolling Stones collections in various sequencing patterns, and most noticeably, incomplete sets. Many leave out important tracks (usually the one that you love the most) or they put them in but it's a live version of what you want so bad to be studio.
Tuesday Sep 4, 2012 50:00 PM ET
You have a chance to win a copy of this box set courtesy of EMI Records and The Morton Report. Read the article for details on how to win.

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