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June 2013

Articles From Matt Rowe in June
Wednesday Jun 26, 2013 40:00 PM ET
Their debut album was a great first effort from an emerging band with an exciting sound. However, with the upcoming release of their second album, Blouse has changed things up a bit.
Tuesday Jun 25, 2013 30:00 AM ET
Close To The Edge, the classic 1972 album from Yes, followed up the huge success of that band's 1971 gem, Fragile, and in its own turn became even more important a release.
Monday Jun 24, 2013 55:00 AM ET
It's a surprise that a major label would green-light an early-era reissue of that doesn't guarantee a rabid reaction by most people. But there we have it. Early fans couldn't be happier.
Monday Jun 17, 2013 10:00 PM ET
On their third album, they not only hit the ball out of the park, they firmly cement the band's foothold as more than a side project.
Wednesday Jun 12, 2013 15:00 PM ET
In 2007, HELP! was released as a restored DVD to fairly universal appreciation. But this is 2013, and a new kid on the block, Blu-ray, has supplanted DVD in almost every quarter. Last year, Yellow Submarine, and Magical Mystery Tour were restored to Blu-ray standards and Beatles fans everywhere were rightfully ecstatic.
Saturday Jun 8, 2013 50:00 AM ET
Lightning Dust is a side project of Black Mountain, fueled by two components of the band. There's Amber Webber (the awesome Amber Webber), a vocalist who is a modern day version of Grace Slick, and Joshua Wells.
Thursday Jun 6, 2013 10:00 PM ET
Most people would consider Goodbye Yellow Brick Road to be one of Elton John's most satisfying albums. With two LPs filled with 17 songs, four of them Top 20 hits, it's certainly his most successful, having sold well over seven million units.
Wednesday Jun 5, 2013 20:00 PM ET
Sting has written more than a few songs to accompany his play called The Last Ship. And while the production is not expected on Broadway until 2014, the album of original songs will arrive much sooner.
Tuesday Jun 4, 2013 50:00 PM ET
It's been 35 years since the classic original lineup of Black Sabbath recorded a full-length album together.
Tuesday Jun 4, 2013 45:00 PM ET
It really doesn't take long to recognize the songs found on John Fogerty's latest release, Wrote a Song for Everyone. Why? Well, it's because a large portion of the songs found on this album are re-recorded versions of songs from a once popular band, Creedence Clearwater Revival.
Tuesday Jun 4, 2013 30:00 PM ET
The music of Lycia is as unique as it is important. This is where institutions like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame fail. Given the limited array of nominations every year, the probability of inclusion and the short-sightedness of the committee creates a black hole of worthy potential nominees that have changed the landscape of music, but are rarely noticed for their incredible contributions.

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