MusicTAP, a site that features music release news from several locations, reviews of albums and DVDs, and the more than occasional ramble of thought, incoherent or otherwise. He desires greatly to re-spark the love of music in today's environment with the older audience. But he can be fun too. Oh, and he did eventually move up to FM radio which pretty much explains his musical eccentricities." />

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January 2015

Articles From Matt Rowe in January
Thursday Jan 29, 2015 00:00 AM ET
Fans of Sufjan Stevens patiently await his new music, and they are always rewarded with enduring and timeless pop/rock brilliance.
Saturday Jan 17, 2015 15:00 PM ET
For those who live outside of Cleveland, Ohio (and even for those who do live within its borders), this is a band that you should be aware of!

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