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July 2011

Articles From Pat Fish in July
Sunday Jul 31, 2011 50:00 AM ET
Lifetime's Project Runway began its ninth season this week and will be a shining star in the sky of all fashion aficionados across the fruited plains.
Friday Jul 29, 2011 00:00 AM ET
MasterChef and Hell's Kitchen continue the cursing tradition with some extra spicy contender humiliation.
Wednesday Jul 27, 2011 00:00 AM ET
It seems that every season there is at least one contender who returns. Obviously the show's producers consider this part of the scripting, an additional drama element.
Saturday Jul 23, 2011 00:00 AM ET
Big Brother is a microcosm of the world as it functions and it's no wonder it fascinates so many.
Friday Jul 22, 2011 05:00 PM ET
Whether we admit it or not, these are the sorts of things women consider when choosing a mate.
Thursday Jul 21, 2011 30:00 AM ET
I scratch my head and ponder this plethora of food reality shows bombarding us from our television screens this summer, so much as to overwhelm even my reality-show-loving, cooking-show-aficionado self.
Tuesday Jul 19, 2011 10:00 PM ET
Summers in America will never be the same as America's Got Talent fills the desultory hot evenings of endless TV repeats with fresh entertainment that will baffle, startle, scare, amuse, puzzle and, in some cases, entertain .
Saturday Jul 16, 2011 30:00 AM ET
So I've got my favorites for this year's Emmy awards but there are a few nominations in need of further commentary and snark.
Friday Jul 15, 2011 00:00 PM ET
Home decorating is not the skill of the silly, nor is it unimportant. The lowest of the animal kingdom chooses its nest locale for safety and practicality, then builds/designs it to suit the needs of its species.
Friday Jul 15, 2011 00:00 AM ET
I watched Emily’s interview with host Chris Harrison and never has one human being ever uttered so many words and said so little.
Wednesday Jul 13, 2011 15:00 PM ET
It brings a smile to follow these two cooking TV reality cooking contests, to note their quirks, humor, drama and even, at times, the food.
Tuesday Jul 12, 2011 00:00 AM ET
Only a quick-witted yet calming host could emcee this unusual but hilarious show that brings humor and a bit of insight to those pesky pet peeves that cause us marital pain.
Sunday Jul 10, 2011 00:00 AM ET
Reality dating shows are not, as statistics go, successful vehicles for finding a lasting love.
Friday Jul 1, 2011 50:00 AM ET
Both shows are cooking competitions with contenders chosen from across the fruited plains, people of modest home-grown talents coupled with a love of cooking.

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