DeviantART Sponsors Comic-Con International San Diego's Artists Alley

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DeviantART and Comic-Con International San Diego, respectively the world’s largest online art community and the premier Comics and Pop Culture convention, have announced a groundbreaking partnership in which deviantART will sponsor Comic-Con’s Artists’ Alley during this year’s show, which runs from July 21 to the July 24.

This marks the first time that any outside entity has been allowed to underwrite this show’s ever popular Artists’ Alley, and deviantART plans to make the most of the opportunity by putting their own stamp upon the area. The newly announced improvements include carpeting, better seating, and ubiquitous electricity. They also plan to install multiple digital kiosks which will showcase the work of those creators appearing throughout Artists’ Alley.

Perhaps the most obvious and visually striking of these upgrades will be the two large digital screens suspended over the area which, along with the aforementioned digital kiosks, will allow artists to display their virtual creations alongside their more traditional offerings.

In another unprecedented move, deviantART has also announced that it will offer two scholarships that will underwrite the appearance of two emerging artists—one digital and one traditional comics artist—at Comic-Con’s Artist Alley.

David Glanzer, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the San Diego show, feels that this newly minted partnership is a perfect match, due in part to the two organizations' similar missions. “We’re very excited that deviantART will be sponsoring Artists’ Alley at Comic-Con,” he said, before noting that deviantART’s “commitment to the creative community blends perfectly with Comic-Con’s mission to bring comics and related popular arts to a wider audience.”

According to Angelo Sotira, co-founder and CEO of deviantART, the feeling is mutual. “We love Artists’ Alley,” he enthused, before adding, “we are deeply honored by Comic-Con’s invitation to support these truly inspiring artists through this sponsorship of Artists’ Alley.”

DeviantART was founded in August, 2000 as a virtual space where established and up-and-coming artists of all descriptions could exhibit, promote, and share their work with both their peers and art aficionados. Since then, the site has grown at a steady rate to become the single largest online social network for artists and their fans.

Currently, deviantART has over 18 million registered users worldwide. It contains over 145 million unique works of art, receives over 100,000 uploads of original art daily, and draws 35 million unique visitors per month. Works on display cover a wide range of styles and media, ranging from the more traditional arts like painting and sculpture, comics and manga, to digital and pixel art, film and anime, along with other, more esoteric presentation formats.

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