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Breaking News: The Queen Chose Prince William's Wedding Attire

Prince William isn't even allowed to choose his own clothes. Who does? Her Majesty.

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Prince William, dressed by his Granny.

Being royal means you have some restrictions on your life, but did you know it also means your grandmother tells you what to wear on your wedding day?

Prince William has served in three armed forces and thought he could choose one of those uniforms, or a morning suit, to wear on his wedding day. 

"I wanted to decide what to wear for the wedding," he said in a recent interview. "I was given a categorical: “No, you’ll wear this!" William was surprised when his grandmother, The Queen, ordered him to wear his Irish Guards uniform, the most senior of his commissions.

We think maybe she picked it so he would look the perfect Disney Prince.

Find this and more fun facts about The Queen in a new book, Our Queen, by Robert Hardman.

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