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Adult Studio Building Underground Bunker to 'Ride Out the 2012 Apocalypse’

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When earth succumbs to fireballs flung from space, earthquake-driven-tsunamis, and radioactive flesh-eating zombies, records of modern society will cease to exist. If history repeats itself, then an adult film studio’s plans to survive the apocalypse will historicize ancient earth much like ancient Rome is remembered today - as a contributor to art, literature and technology, and with a predisposition for having lots of sexy time.

Pink Visual, an adult studio in Van Nuys, California is constructing an underground bunker to prepare for the global apocalypse “to ride out the 2012 apocalypse in style.” Riding out the apocalypse in reverse cowgirl style is also likely.

The location of the bunker is undisclosed due to “security concerns” but its amenities will include multiple fully-stocked bars, an enormous performing stage and sophisticated content production studio to “survive the apocalypse in comfort and luxury,” said spokesman Quentin Boyer. Pink Visual will also maintain its website update schedule throughout the ordeal, even if those websites are only available on the bunker’s self-contained local network by that time.

The bunker will be completed by September 2012 and will house Pink Visual personnel, leaving some room for fans and business partners. Those selected for post-apocalyptic refuge will “likely include both merit-based and random selections, with Pink Visual performers, active site members and twitter followers getting priority over the general public,” said Boyer.

Boyer has supplied his email address for further information about getting in to the bunker, and being among the last few people left on earth, those selected will also have an increased chance of getting it in with a porn star. The end of the world might not be so bad after all.

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