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Prince William and Duchess Kate to Remodel Princess Margaret's Bathroom

Not sure why William and Catherine will be redoing the bathrooms at Kensington Palace. Princess Margaret shows they are clearly fit for a princess.

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Photo by Lord Snowdon (seen in upper left corner)

Princess Margaret snapped in her Kensington Palace bath by her husband, photographer Lord Snowdon, as they prepared for a formal evening out. The glitter is the Poltimore tiara she wore at their wedding.

The choicest set of rooms in Kensington Palace, Apartment 1A, will soon be the London home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Set for a 1.6 million dollar revamp of bathrooms, kitchen, and wiring, the apartment should be ready for the pitter patter of Cambridge feet in 2013.

The red brick Kensington Palace serves as auxiliary royal housing in the heart of London.

250px-Kensington_Palace, 1A was the longtime home of the late Princess Margaret, younger sister of Queen Elizabeth, who moved there as a bride with her husband, Lord Snowdon. The hippest royals of the 1960s, they raised their children, Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones and David, Viscount Linley, in the apartment before their tempestuous marriage ended in divorce.

Princess Margaret lived in 1A alone as a divorcee, spending most weekends with the Queen Mother at Royal Lodge in Windsor. Near the end of Princess Margaret's life, Viscount Linley and his young family returned to the apartment as companions to the frail princess.


Another fractured royal marriage at Kensington Palace was that of the Prince and Princess of Wales. Prince William and Prince Harry grew up in the smaller Apartment 8, with their parents. After the divorce it was the sole residence of Princess Diana.


There is not a curse on all couples at Kensington Palace; the Queen's cousins the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester live there happily, as do Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. Princess Diana's sister Jane spent many years at Kensington Palace when her husband Robert served as the Queen's Private Secretary.

The young generation is flocking to KP now.

William and Catherine currently use a tiny house at Kensington Palace, called Nottingham Cottage; it will be taken over by Prince Harry once they move on to greater things.

Apartment 1A is a greater thing indeed, boasting 20 rooms on four stories and an expansive private garden. The residence should be able to handle any number of royal offspring and royal watchers expect this will be the primary residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for decades to come.

Wishing them happy bath times!

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