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William and Catherine Continue Diana's Charity Work, Visit Royal Marsden Cancer Center

Their first joint visit to the Royal Marsden Hospital is another link in the family tradition of supporting this cancer treatment center.

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AP/Daily Mail

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chat with cancer patient Digby Davidson.

Prince William and his bride, the Duchess of Cambridge, brought happiness to young cancer victims when they visited Royal Marsden Hospital in Surrey on September 29.

Coming off a 24-hour work shift as an RAF rescue helicopter pilot, Prince William showed dignity and friendliness in his encounters with the staff and patients at the hospital.

William's public manner on his humanitarian visits reflects the demeanor of both his charity-minded father and mother. Princess Diana can be seen here in an early-1980's ITN video of one of her visits to Royal Marsden.

This is when royalty is at its best. William and Catherine displayed sincere interest in the young cancer patients they met at Royal Marsden Hospital. William is president of the hospital foundation, a role he consciously took on to support a favorite charity of his late mother.

Duchess Catherine is talking with a variety of charities, preparing to announce the causes with which she will be associated. The Daily Mail video of her Royal Marsden visit is evidence of her empathy with sick children and makes her patronage of medical charities look very likely.

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