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Lindsay Lohan's Probation Revoked, Back to Jail, Bail Set at $100K

Lindsay's full of excuses, but not an ounce of sense.

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Lindsay Lohan in court

Judge Stephanie Sautner wasn't in the mood for Lindsay Lohan's excuses during her probation violation hearing, even complaining that jail time in LA county was a joke, and few if any misdemeanor defendants were actually serving any time.

Lindsay's attorney Shawn Holley valiantly tried to defend her client, but ultimately Judge Sautner found Lohan in violation, after not showing up 9 times to the Women's Shelter where she was assigned to perform her community service. 

Lohan was cuffed and will likely post bail and be out today, but will have to attend an official hearing to determine what her sentence, if any, will be for violating her probation in conjunction with her shoplifting case last year.  If found guilty, she could serve up to a year and a half in jail. I'll believe it when I see it.

Also at issue was how long it took Lindsay to complete a court-order shoplifting class: 6 MONTHS.  Judge Stephanie was pretty testy with Holley and it was clear she was not going to give Lindsay a pass on any of the excuses offered, including Lindsay having to be out of the country to work.

In the end, Judge Sautner determined it was Lindsay's lack of responsibility and compliance which had her kicked out of the Women's Shelter community service program, which Lohan complained was "unfulfilling" and that was a violation to her probation.

Judge Sautner has recommended the City Morgue for Lindsay to complete her final service hours, though that has to be approved by the Probation Department.

No word yet if Lindsay has posted bail and been release back into the wild.

Update: According to TMZ, Lindsay has posted bail, but hasn't been processed and has not left the courthouse yet.

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