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Walk of Shame? Reality Stars Banned From Hollywood Walk of Fame

In a display of amazing astuteness, reality stars have been banned from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Eat your heart out Kim Kardashian. Find yourself a new perfume to promote, Paris Hilton.


You might be a star, but you will never be a ‘star’ - and that edict comes from way on high. The official body that oversees the Hollywood Walk of Fame has banned reality stars from ever taking a precious star on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame.

the-situation_240.jpgSo while Kermit the Frog is in, Jersey Shore’s The Situation is out - even if he wears Abercrombie and Fitch for the rest of his days. Will a reality star ever make a Hollywood star? The answer is unequivocal: ‘Hell to the no,’says an official.

Whilst some reality stars have riled against this discrimination, their cries have fallen on deaf ears. Ana Martinez who has overseen the Walk for 24 years is ‘very protective’ of her charge and is unyielding in her opposition to reality stars muscling in on the revered Walk of Fame.

So rest easy Oscar winners Sandra Bullock and Matt Damon. Reality stars might have taken over magazine covers, perfume counters and handbag stores but in spite of all the swaggering and the posing, there is one coveted possession they will never own - a star on the revered Hollywood Boulevard. So they may as well start shooting for the moon..

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