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Denis Leary's Rescue Me Comes to a Close

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Tonight Rescue Me, Denis Leary’s series about life in the shadow of 9/11 as seen through the eyes of a surviving NYC firefighter, comes to a close as it airs the ninth episode of its seventh season. Besides starring, Leary is also a co-creator of the show with Peter Tolan. Both men also serve as executive producers and co-writers.

The show’s audience has been taken for an emotional roller coaster ride over the past several years as Leary’s character Tommy Gavin has dealt with the aftermath of the attack. An alcoholic (in fact, he comes from a family full of them), Tommy suffers from post-traumatic stress and survivor’s guilt, both of which lead him to make one awful decision after another regarding his tumultuous personal life. The show’s appeal can be attributed to its superb ensemble cast, an undercurrent of dark humor, and the heart-stopping action sequences that depict the controlled chaos of firefighting in a big city.

Below, Leary talks to the New York Times about September 11, ten years after:

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