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The Courtney Stodden Twit Pics You Might Have Missed

"Don't put on me girl..." Seriously, what the hell is wrong with this person?

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The Internet's been ablaze with talk over child-bride Courtney Stodden's bizarre, overly sexual Twitter posts.

Stodden, now 17, infamously married actor Doug Hutchinson, 51, back in May and the two keep popping up to remind us how perverse and sick their relationship truly is. As if the concept of a middle-aged man marrying a child wasn't enough to turn your stomach, they just keep shoving it in our collective faces. 

other-sister-3.jpgTalk of a reality show (naturally) keeps coming up, and the always entertaining talk show appearances are keeping the tabloids busy with these two short-bus miscreants. Typically, society tries to prevent a coupling of this nature, you know, with laws and social mores and stuff (think The Other Sister, except not cute and even more "special"), however this union was Hollywood-approved, so apparently we are stuck.

Since we can't just turn a hose on these two and send them to their rooms without supper, we must find a way to turn a minus into a plus. While some sites have rolled their eyes at Courtney's salacious and ridiculous tweets, I've decided to dig deeper, and discovered that in fact, her posts weren't nearly as sexy as we first thought. Take a look at the Twit pics you might have missed:

dv191006 copy.jpg
Now that's some dirty talk alright!

Red-White-Blue-Pops copy.jpg
Sucking sweetly...mmmm....want some?

wet_cat copy.jpg
Oooh, I wouldn't want to mess with that wet pussy!

6841866-a-dog-drinking-water-straight-from-a-garden-hose copy.jpg
Yep, that's wet AND wild!

Don't judge, we all have our "fat days!"

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