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Kate Is Happier at 30 Than at 25

The dreams of the 25-year-old Kate Middleton have all come true.

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Photo By Lefteris Pitarakis/AP/Press Association Images/WWD

On her 25th birthday in 2007, Kate Middleton was pestered by photographers as she left home in the morning.

The Duchess of Cambridge turns 30 today, January 9. Would she prefer to be 25 again? Probably not.

When Kate Middleton turned 25 she was mobbed by photographers outside her front door. She had no protection officers to help her as she marched down the sidewalk on her way to work as an accessories buyer at Jigsaw.

What was on her mind that day? For weeks the press had been waving around a story that Kate would receive an engagement ring from Prince William for her 25th birthday. That didn't happen, and instead William broke up with her by cell phone a few months later.

For her 30th birthday Kate has William back, a historic ring on her finger, and policemen to protect her. The media have piled on again, but this time with stories praising her as an ideal future Queen: beautiful, dutiful and dignified.

No wonder the new Duchess of Cambridge looked so radiant on Christmas morning at Sandringham.


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