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The Best Biography of Prince Harry

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There are several biographies of Prince Harry on the market right now. The best is Chris Hutchins’ newly updated Harry: The People’s Prince. This is a revised, updated version of Chris’s earlier book on the prince. There are several new chapters which include his romance with Cressida Bonas.

You can read what really went on in Memphis when he and Prince William attended their pal Guy Pelly’s wedding. You can discover what Cressida did in Australia in 2011 — including a stint of waitressing in Sydney — and how she insisted on paying her way on dates with Harry, despite his wealth. So why did they split? Chris says one reason is that Harry was unhappy about untrue stories coming from the Bonas camp but these phony reports were not from Cressida herself. And what of the future? Chris says, "Cressida should never be written off. Harry was deeply in love with her and still is."

The book is packed with fascinating information about Harry’s early life and his military service. So, if you want to know the truth about Britain’s coolest young royal, this is the book for you — or for a friend’s Christmas stocking.


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