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The Big Question: Is the Duchess of Cambridge Pregnant?

A look at the rumours...

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Unpublished rumours have been around the UK newsrooms for the past couple of weeks and have just surfaced on The Daily Beast, which reports that there has been a renewed bout of speculation on the possibility that Kate may be pregnant after a flurry of unusual betting activity with two of the UK’s biggest bookmakers prompted them to cut their odds by around 15% in recent days.

Officially, the bet is that her first child will be born in 2012 and the bookies are taking a close look at the pattern of betting. Insider information is suspected, but not proven.

Given that William and Kate are due to visit Malaysia, Singapore, the Solomon Islands, and Tuvalu as part of the Diamond Jubilee Tour later in the year, I would imagine that a pregnancy would make the long flights, heat, humidity, and sheer pressure of being constantly on show hard on Kate. On the other hand, the Queen and other members of the Royal Family would be overjoyed if William and Kate became parents this special year.

One possible reason for the rumours and the betting is that Kate's sister, Pippa, who kindly sends me (as a big fan of her parents' company, Party Pieces) a monthly newsletter, is promoting a new theme — a Baby Shower Party. In the March newsletter Pippa says, "Organise a baby shower for a friend or relative this season. Against a pale pastel backdrop of blue skies, new buds and pink blossom, what better time of year than springtime to celebrate a new arrival? Invite their close friends or relatives to a pretty tea party and share tips, advice, ideas — and cake — with the new parents."

A close look at Party Pieces' website reveals that the Baby Shower Party was suggested on February 23, which gives enough time for people to start working out that a possible royal baby could be on the way by the end of 2012. But I'm not hedging my bets!

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