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Boardwalk Empire Returns Sept 25

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If you watch HBO at all, you've been seeing the impressionistic, increasingly paranoid promos for season two of 18-times Emmy nomined Boardwalk Empire, the epic prohibition era drama starring an impressively formidable Steve Buscemi as Atlantic City political boss Nucky Thompson.

Things appear to be falling apart in Nucky's world as the phrase "no honor among thieves" (even in the family) stands on the verge of a massive bloom.

Following the rigged ’20 election, the courtly but dangerous Thompson finds himself the target of an investigation for voter fraud, as jail, insurrection from within, and encroachment from without loom.

Invitation to the Set - Season 2

The Golden Globe winning series kicks off its 12-episode second season Sunday, September 25 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT).

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