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Recent Poll Shows Drinking More Relaxing Than Being With Family

Survey says.... a shot a day keeps the sads away!

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A report in the Telegraph cites a recent poll showing that 61% of adults listed drinking as their 'go to' stress reliever, while only 28% chose spending time with their children, and only 26% chose talking with a partner as their top choice for relaxing after a rough day.

The study was conducted by an industry-funded charity called Drinkaware (?), and they also reported that more women than men (73% vs. 26% men) cited stress as their main reason for drinking.  The study indicated that the drinkers were using close to four drinks a night to relieve their stress, and it was discovered that women have a tendency to drink more than men, consuming up to twice the recommended daily levels.

While the study doesn't specifically state this, clearly, moms are drinking heavily because kids are little hellions and husbands are a pain in my ass. 

Hey you little brats, whose turn is it to bring mommy a glass of wine?

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