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What Does the Ocean Need? More Robots

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The oceans are like huge stews, chock full of everything from krill to underwater UFOs to squid as big as your hometown. But you don't hear a lot about robots roaming the Seven Seas, until now.

Liquid Robotics is a four year-old company that places seven-foot-long robots called Wave Gliders in the ocean to gather and transmit data for a variety of uses. The surfboard shaped devices are ingeniously powered by the motion of waves.

"About $60 billion a year is spent on oceanic data collection between satellites, buoys and ships," Liquid Robotics CEO Bill Vass said, but Wave Gliders can do it on the cheap. The company has contracts for thousands of Gliders to amble over the waves over the next couple of years for "commercial, scientific, and defense users."

A shark tried to eat this one:

Wave Glider shark damage.jpgSharks are stupid - my son hates sharks.

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