Jesse James' Memoir: A Tasteless Reminder of Imprudence

Cheaters never win -- winners never cheat.

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Jesse James -- the motorbike whore-magnet, not the outlaw -- has a new memoir out, American Outlaw.  In an Us Magazine article, details from the book reveal how James broke the news of his infidelity to his ex-wife, Oscar winner Sandra Bullock, and how he has handled the aftermath of his breakup with America's sweetheart.

wenn5466630.jpgJames, who famously humiliated Bullock within weeks of her Oscar win last year for The Blind Side, is now opening up about the details of their split after news of his affair with stripper and tattoo model Michelle "Bombshell" McGee broke in the tabloids.

James explains the moment he told Sandra the news of his cheating, "I admitted the affair, told her the hard details. I let her know that I had never loved this woman, that I had never cared for her at all... The feeling of shame and sadness that washed over me as Sandy began to cry was almost beyond measure... I didn't touch her. I sat frozen in my chair, watching, as Sandy's small body shook with sobs."

Jesse then describes what Bullock did next, "[She] rose to her feet. She unfolded her sunglasses and put them on her face... She walked steadily and purposefully to the front of the shop, opened the heavy, metal door. For a moment, the sunlight enveloped her. The door closed behind her, and she was gone."

None of these revelations are terribly shocking -- tacky, yes -- shocking, no.  But another blurb from the book is perhaps the most revealing into James' moral character, or lack thereof.

wenn2985003.jpgDuring an interview with GMA, James was asked about publicly humiliating Bullock further by exposing private details of their breakup in his new book. Jesse stated, "I can't worry about her anymore. I think I spent a lot of the past five or six years worrying about her ... it's time to make sure I'm happy," and then referenced his wedding to reality TV star and tattoo artist Kat von D, later this summer.

WOW!  He can't worry about her anymore, because, you know, he spent the past five or six years worrying about her and now needs to worry about his own happiness? This is a person who INTENTIONALLY undermined his own happiness by cheating on his wife, in a very detailed and public way.

sandrajames.jpgPart of the appeal of Sandra Bullock's marriage to Jesse James was the contrast in types.  Here's this squeaky clean, all-American sweetheart of a gal who fell in love with a tatted up bad boy biker with two ex-wives (one a junkie porn star), and yet, somehow, they work. For those who love a happy ending, the message was simple: love conquers all.  However the reality was James' deep emotional issues and low self-esteem caused him to fall back on old habits: philandering with unsavory women.  

It would seem Jesse's suggestions that he didn't feel he deserved happiness -- something he's continuously used as an excuse for his bad behavior -- has some measure of truth.  Rather than using the ages-old system of "fake it until you make it," Jesse James just gave up and did the one thing he's good at: taking a big fat crap on his happiness.

Emotional baggage aside, Jesse James is really only a 'victim' of one thing: laziness. He just didn't want to put the work into making a go at a real relationship, so he will likely continue pacifying his emotional and physical needs with tramps and whores. No offense, Kat.

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