Baby Beckham: Harper's Bizarre?

Like it or lump it, Harper Beckham has arrived on a front cover near you.

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From the moment little Harper Seven, Victoria and David Beckham's fourth child and only daughter born on Sunday morning in L.A, made her debut into her new celebrity world, speculation and opinion has been bouncing all over the media about the origins and merits of her chosen name.

harpic.jpegBlog comments and tweets, never known to hold back in the face of a good snark, have compared the name to a bad beer brand, a household toilet cleaner in the UK, and a sad '90s indie band. Poor Harper, before she knows it, she'll be criticized for having the wrong sort of baby drool.

220x.jpgGiven the Beckhams' tendency to choose self-conscious names for their children, there is good reason to speculate that her chosen name has a special meaning. Brooklyn Joseph was named after the location of his conception (ewww, TMI); Romeo James was named not long before David was caught allegedly playing away from home and not in the football sense (hmmm, unfortunate); Cruz was named after the Spanish word for cross when they were living in Madrid (or was it to impress their newly acquired celeb BFFs Tom and Katie Cruise?).

Working out the Seven bit is easy - it was Daddy's shirt number when he played football for England. But what to make of Harper?

Let's face it, whether you like the name or not, you'd better get used to it because it is sure to be copied by Beckham wannabes from L.A to Lambeth. As Harper starts to toddle through the headlines over the next few decades, and her name inevitably moves up the most popular baby name lists, it is worth giving it an origin of more poetic meaning than the stuff you squish round the rim of your toilet.

The intellectual literary snob (yes, we do hang out at TMR) could claim that the Beckhams are both like, TOTALLY, into Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. Yeah, fo shiz. If there is any connection between the Beckhams and Harper Lee it will be via a desire to copycat Demi and Bruce Willis, who named their daughter Scout after the novel's protagonist.

victoria-beckham-harpers-bazaar-uk-december-1.jpgThe fashion-savvy however will point to a Beckham connection with the fashion magazine, Harper's Bazaar. Founded in New York City, Harper's Bazaar has appealed to the sophisticated, fashionable social climber since 1867. Couldn't that be Posh's new tag line? It is no coincidence that Mommy Beckham has appeared several times on the front cover.

Harper's connection with this fashion magazine may be more poetic than even the Beckhams realize. The magazine was originally the brainchild of the publishing family, Harper & Brothers, in which there were four brothers: Fletcher, James, John, and Joseph. With a Brooklyn Joseph and a Romeo James in the family, Harper fits in nicely to make up another media-friendly family of four siblings.

Well, Harper Beckham, whatever your name means, welcome to the world. You are not the only baby to be hit with the bizarre name stick and you won't be the last. Before too long you'll be out-dressing Suri Cruise, dating Charlie Wales (William and Kate's bump to be), and the world will be your oyster. Best of luck to you, little one. In the bizarre world of celebrity of which you are now on the front cover, you will definitely need it.

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