Bradley Cooper Tests the Limits of 'Am I Hot or Not?'

Either way, he still catches the eye of the tiger.

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We all know what works on the Internet: kittens, baby wildlife, Hollywood stars, and Bradley Cooper. So what if you saw a picture that had it all? Could you resist?

Video-Bradley-Cooper-Speaking-French.jpgTurns out everyone’s favorite French Speaking Hangover party boy has decided to test just how far he can take his cad ways and still keep an audience of swooning gals and gays. This time around, he donned some pretty awful dreadlocks, not-so-sexy aviator blue blockers, a dirty soul patch and an itty bitty tiger cub named Annastazia to pose for photogs on June 28th.

On set for his latest project, with the almost as hot Dax Shepard, Sexy Cooper was reported to have an instant bond with the furry little kitty. She apparently fell immediately in love with him. Well, no duh!

Many of you may remember Sexy Cooper’s appearance on that French TV show back in the spring. He spoke French while promoting the release of The Hangover Part II and it became global news. Literally! There is no denying that he’s sexy, but global news?!?! Wow. It seems this guy can do nothing wrong after that!

The film has thus far made over $250 Million with a reported $85M production budget. In Hollywood numbers, that’s pretty darn good. We can’t help but wonder if Dax has intentionally scruffed Cooper’s hotness, just to be sure he still has game! Maybe it’s a joke on all of us swooners, me included. The man is sexy no matter what you do to him!

daxandkristen.jpgDax is no slouch when it comes to his love life either. With Tara Lipinski and Kate Hudson in his past and the lovely Kristen Bell to whom he is currently engaged - he’s clearly got a thing for power blondes! We can’t wait to cover their wedding, but suspect they are going to sneak off and do it without anyone noticing.

Let’s check back on Bradley and the other gorgeous kittens that have reportedly purred for Hollywood’s sexiest man in dreds…

Olivia Wilde (2011- rumored)

Scarlett Johanssen (2011- rumored)

Sandra Bullock (2011 - rumored)

Renne Zellwegger (July 2009 - March 2011)

Jennifer Aniston (June 2009 - rumored)

Denise Richards (2009 - rumored)

Cameron Diaz (2007 - rumored)

Jennifer Esposito (2005-2007 MARRIED!!!)

Looks like Sexy Cooper has a bit of a pattern in his history. It’s a few years of relationship bliss and then a year or so of being Hollywood’s Cat-About-Town. Annastazia, you are one lucky feline!

(PS - Lenny Kravitz, you still make our hearts beat. You are the OG Hot Dred Dude)

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