Time To Kill the Michael Jackson Saga Once and For All

Latoya Jackson ignores cameras as she arrives at court. Well, maybe just that teeny tiny one behind her.

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The manslaughter trial against Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, continues today with evidence from the emergency room physician who called the King of Pop's time of death.

Would someone please step forward to call the time of death on the Jackson family saga because I am sick to the back teeth of it.

images-23.jpegI am sick of the most dysfunctional family in Popdom rocking up to the front of a courtroom trying to get another moment in front of the cameras. I am sick of their book deals; their chat show appearances; their reality TV performances; and their Super Bowl nipple flashes. I am sick of their copycat plastic surgery; their music careers built on the back of their brother's talent; and their ridiculous 'Rock Royalty' pretensions.

Had Michael not become a solo artist the Jacksons would have been a footnote in music history; a band of a decade, perhaps, but not a century.

Whether or not the doctor caused Michael's death will also be a footnote in the long, messed up sequence of events that brought Michael to his tragic end on the afternoon of June 25, 2009.

That sequence started with a child who stood on the world stage with the lights shining in his eyes too often, for too long and at too young an age. It continued with a young man of incredible talent who was unable to deal with the push of creativity and the pull of fame demons in his head. It ended with self-mutilating plastic surgery; child abuse trials; 'Blanket' babies being held over balconies; motherless children who live in Neverland; and $500m worth of debt.

Adults are responsible for their own behavior and so Michael was responsible for his but adults are also experienced children. What was Michael's childhood experience? The Jacksons will undoubtedly squeeze every last penny by telling us in the next few years, but as they do so, I hope they take some responsibility for the mess he ended up in.

At the end of this tragic trial, let's pronounce the Jackson family saga dead and instead defibrillate Michael Jackson's real legacy as the undisputed entertainer of the century.

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