Caution, Curves Ahead! How Powerful Curves in Hollywood are Taking Over (Photo Gallery)

The current crop of Hollywood bombshells are making the media rethink the dimensions of beauty.

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So I was trying to think about what scintillating topic to opine on this week for all of you and found myself stuck. Do I write about Miss Kardashian’s psoriasis and how it was brought on likely by the stress of her upcoming wedding? Shall I get all thoughtful about Jessica Simpson’s next nuptials? Or perhaps could we spend time together on what went wrong in the marriage of J Lo and the ugly guy!

Befuddled, I headed to the gym to sweat it out and contemplate what it is about these women that really matters… and that’s when it hit me! Like a Boozeday Tuesday Hoda and Kathy Lee Cocktail, there are some things you can always count on. There is little in this world more compelling than the curvy women of Hollywood. A bombshell is (and always has been) the most powerful force in media, and right now we are lucky enough to have quite a few of them.

It’s not just that these gals are pretty to look at. They are business and branding icons. Jessica Simpson has turned a shoe obsession into a licensing empire that rivals most. Kim has figured out how to parlay a naughty sex tape into media juggernaut status, and J Lo, well she’s pretty much the case study on how to become a triple threat with serious legs! These women work their tails off! Well actually, no; but they do work incredibly hard.

Summer’s reigning queens of Tinsel Town with their fabulous curves and outstanding business moxie give us plenty to discuss. Hollywild has long had a reputation for desperately seeking the starved and emaciated because after all - the camera adds ten pounds. Rosario Dawson addresses the issue in this month’s Shape magazine when she shares that she received countless compliments after starving herself to look like a drug addict for a role. The crazy ass people in LA and NY seem to get confused that hungry means sexy, but the rest of the world simply doesn’t agree!

Breaking news flash: most men love those camera-added ten pounds because they come in the form of heavenly hips, beautiful booties, sexy thighs, and luscious bosoms. That is, after all, what makes a woman look like a woman! I once dated a guy who commented that the emaciated LA gals with their after market faux-curve created parts just didn’t feel right! True that! Jessica, Kim, and J Lo’s well-documented behinds are giving us all license to love our all-natural bodacious bods!

Now I spend a fair amount of time gallivanting about the LA scene. Whether it’s the hot clubbing nights in Hollywood or sunburned days in Malibu, I’m noticing a very delicious trend. Women who look like Christina Hendricks and Khloe Kardashian aren’t covering up under sarongs or tent-like maxi dresses and hiding in the cabanas. Instead, they are out strutting around in gorgeous bikinis and curve hugging summer dresses, sunning, surfing, hiking, and living healthy fit lifestyles. Even Hollywood’s hottest burlesque troupe, The Lalas Burlesque, boasts some pretty darn naturally curvy talent! 

So let’s take a few minutes together to ogle the bodies and careers of our favorite curvy women and get inspired for another hot summer weekend!

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