Does Scarlett Johansson Need Approval to Prove She's Hot?

Because if she does...I'm totally screwed.

Shocker — another star's naked pictures were hacked from her phone from a low-rent online site. And it’s another week in Hollywood.

This whole "my naked pictures on my phone got in the wrong hands" thing has happened to tons of stars, including new mom Jessica Alba, so Scarlett Johansson is certainly not alone. But she’s pissed. As in, lawyering up and bringing in the FBI pissed.

I have no doubt that this was an invasion of privacy, so on one hand I do feel bad-ish for Scar-Jo. But on the other larger and more convincing hand, I can’t help but be totally exhausted by the simple fact that stars continue to take naked pictures of themselves on their phones, just for shits and giggles. I mean…really?

scarlett-johansson-04.jpgHave you not stared at yourself in the mirror enough? Are there not enough ridiculously sexy pictures of you out in the world to either personally admire or send to the very someone who is apparently too lazy to get their ass to come to your house to see the real deal in the flesh? Are you unsure of how you feel about yourself so you need to reach out to others to get the response that fills your emptying cup of self-esteem?

All judgment and profound levels of OMG! and WTF? aside, as a psychotherapist (and curious human being) I can’t help but wonder when things became so utterly and mind-bogglingly sad in the sexuality and loving yourself in a healthy way department. When did knowing you’re hot go so devastatingly out of style, while constantly trying to prove you’re hot has become the new black? Will we ever find ourselves in a place where feeling sexy doesn’t need to include public approval?


I know Scarlett Johansson didn’t mean for the pictures to leak to the entire public, but I have a hard time believing that Madam Scarlett missed the memo stating that naked pics always leak to the entire public. Unfortunate choices aside, as it turns out, Scarlett Johansson needs approval sometimes... just like the rest of us.

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