Enjoying the Journey with Kristen Aldridge

This host, fashionista, fab fitness enthusiast and model knows where she's going... and is loving getting there.

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If you Google Kristen Aldridge, one of the phrases most often associated with her is “the next big thing,” and I don’t doubt it.

A gorgeous, ambitious girl from Minnesota who’s worked her way up through print modeling and entertainment journalism, Aldridge hosts omg! NOW on Yahoo!, which is the most watched show on the web. She also contributes regularly to Shape.com and is branching out into her own fashion line, Positively Celebrity. In addition, she’ll soon be launching another project with Yahoo!, a show focused on giving viewers their weekly dose of country music news.

While she’s accustomed to being the interviewer, Kristen took a few minutes to chat with me about her career and her definition of what it means to have a happy life.

Your schedule is full to bursting, but do you have a favorite current or recent endeavor?

I’m just taking in all of it. Aside from hosting, I started out as an entertainment journalist, and I really enjoy that part of it. I recently signed onto Shape magazine, so I get to interview celebs every months and I’m the one who gets to go after the celebs . . .being hands on. I started out in print modeling, which was great - it helped put me through college - but when you’re a model you always want to give so much more of yourself, but you don’t really have the voice to do that. And so having that voice again and being able to have that positive impact is what I love most about it.

What strategy or personality trait would you say helped spur you onward towards success?

Well, I read a lot of books on positive thinking; I always say I’m a work in progress. I mean I’m human like anyone else, and have my days where I’m not feeling good about anything. [But] your thoughts will dictate the experience that you have… [And] you can’t worry about things out of your control. You can only control attitude and performance, come in prepared and totally rock it. And if they don’t choose you, move on to the next thing and rock it better.

What’s the best piece of advice you ever received, or how would you advise someone who’s just starting out in any industry?

Probably the phrase “never give up.” It’s very clichĂ© . . . but I can guarantee you that any successful person in their career. . . received a lot of nos. But you can’t let that make you feel like you’re not good enough, because that’s not the case.

Secondly, enjoy the journey. It’s great [and smart] to have goals, but you can’t only be happy when you reach a goal… You can’t always be chasing something because you’ll never be happy.

[Also,] you have to learn to be okay with yourself when the cameras are off - you have to know you are uniquely special and not let anyone tell you you’re not, even when you’re not doing anything.

Do you feel like you’ve “made it” or do you feel like there’s a lot more to do? Any goals you have yet to achieve?

Of course! I have huge goals, but it’s important to define what “making it” means, and for me that means enjoying the journey. And just being able to do what you love every day - and that you’ve worked at for the last five years - and just pinching yourself every day going people are watching this? This is awesome! I’m so pumped to be working with all the brands and people I am now, and I’m just excited for what’s coming down the pike.

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