Justin Timberlake to Revamp Myspace, Advises "Drop the My, It's Cleaner"

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Miss Jia

Justin Timberlake plans to bring the sexy back to the long-forgotten Myspace, with one of the unsexiest things on the planet: talent competitions. In a deal made Friday, Timberlake, in collaboration with online ad network operator Specific Media, bought Myspace from News Corp for $35 million, according to the Associated Press.

After the deal went public, Timberlake’s manager Johnny Wright told press, "Whether it becomes a talent competition or something like that, those are things that we will still flesh out…We definitely want to bring the industry back to Myspace to really look at the talented people that have put their faces there."

Timberlake also commented in a statement, "There's a need for a place where fans can go to interact with their favorite entertainers, listen to music, watch videos, share and discover cool stuff and just connect. Myspace has the potential to be that place.”

A nice idea in theory but that didn’t work out so well when Myspace gave it a go the first time.  Plus, YouTube.

I have always known there is a special world outside my own with infinite laughter and puppies, and where actors can play a badly scripted role, receive millions for it, and the whole thing ends with a brand new carved out career path. Money trees do exist for these people who can shake any branch they wish. Gwyneth Paltrow is singing her heart out about it somewhere in Texas right now.


It could be a coincidence that Timberlake, who played Sean Parker in The Social Network, and advised Mark Zuckerberg to “drop the ‘the’” from the original title, is now committing to social network revitalization. Or maybe the fact that associating Timberlake’s name, a detail finalized only minutes before the deal went public, is a last ditch effort for Myspace to become a viable competitor in the ongoing social entertainment battle.

Don’t get your hopes up too soon Myspace Tom, it will probably be awhile before you catch up with today’s most followed Google+ user, Mr. Facebook himself, Mark Zuckerberg.

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