Lindsay Lohan Conjures Godzilla, Terrorizes NY Fashion Week

Go go Godzilla!

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If you were to do a Google search on "Dawn Olsen, Lindsay Lohan" you'd find a body of work that would put John Milton to shame. Like someone who's gone through a 12-step program only to find themselves surrounded by every vice they can't seem to shake, Lindsay Lohan is my weakness and I can't quit that beeyotch.

lindsay-lohan-cynthia-rowley-124407234.jpgThis week, Lindsay went on a one-woman rampage through New York, stalking various parties hosted by the biggest names in fashion for NY Fashion Week. Hurricane Lindsay caused a commotion at Cynthia Rowley's show on Friday when, flanked by bodyguards, Lohan (left), in her entitled and abrasive manner, pushed her way to the front row.

Photogs and fashionistas alike were momentarily stunned by her countenance, and not in a good way. Her tangerine glow, oversized shades, air of importance, and garden-slug lips had those in attendance thinking that they were in the presence of fashion legend Donatella Versace, only to be sorely disappointed.

In all fairness, none of that was Lindsay's fault; however, she should take pause that she was confused for a women three decades her senior, who's certainly not known for her stunning beauty.

Flash forward to Wednesday night, and Ms. Lohan put the boom in the Boom Boom Room for V Magazine's party at the Standard Hotel. What should have been a pleasant and swanky affair ended with one woman getting sliced open after Lindsay threw a drink, glass and all, at a cocktail waitress. Never mind that Lindsay's intended victim was a photographer. Lindsay, instead of saying, "Oops, my bad!," screamed, "Not YOU, him!" Somehow in the melee and subsequent chaos, a woman's artery was cut and paramedics were called and the party was shut down.


A woman received medical attention after slipping and cutting herself on Lindsay's glass.

The offending photographer attempting to take a pic of party goers, including Lohan, worked for V Magazine and he had this to say on his Twitter about the incident:

“Wow. Lindsay Lohan is as trashy as they always say. She threw drinks and glasses to me as we tried to take a shot for @vmagazine.”

He also used a word which is becoming synonymous with Lilo, but I'll let you figure that one out!

It should then come as no surprise to find that Lindsay was persona non grata at other well-appointed venues, including high-end designer Marc Jacobs' party. There were checkpoints specifically designated to keep HER OUT, yet that stealthy viper managed to make it to six minutes before having her ass kicked out.

I've defended Lindsay, I've lashed out at Lindsay, I've wept for Lindsay (okay, maybe not wept) and now I think I am truly ready to accept the truth. This girl has no talent, no class, and no business acting like a spoiled child. At 25, she has exhausted all her excuses and resources and more than worn out her welcome.

I fear the next thing I will write about Lindsay will most likely be her obit. And like her prematurely aged face, it won't be pretty.

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